Hever Castle


Just a quick post to share some pics from a trip to Hever Castle we went on last weekend with my mum. It was once owned by the Boleyn family and is absolutely tiny! At just over an hour outside of London it makes a great day trip and we were lucky enough to go on a day while there was jousting! I think in future I’ll have to combine these day out posts with a finished piece of clothing to make them a little more exciting, but for today you’ll just have to make do with loads of random pics from around the castle!

IMG_2647 IMG_2649 IMG_2653 IMG_2655 IMG_2657 IMG_2660 IMG_2661 IMG_2667 IMG_2671 IMG_2675 IMG_2683 IMG_2687 IMG_269278-Lily-meets-the-Royals(This pic is stolen from my mum’s blog, I would add a link to her post but she’s put a really horrible picture of me on it, we’re talking double chin, gappy teeth the whole she-bang!)