The Pretty Wall


I think I mentioned a few times that I’ve been working on beautifying the girls bedroom wall, although I love the wallpaper it’s still been feeing a little empty. It’s going to be on going project so I thought I’d share how’s it’s going so far and ideas I have for what to do next.


Selection of vintage postcards (blogged about here)


Children’s 1950’s Maudella sewing pattern envelope


Cross stitch done by my aunt and/or cousin?! not sure but we love it!


Cath kidston cross stitch, pattern from ‘Stitch


Embroideries of the girls, blogged here (might do Rosie again as it’s a little creepy!)


Belle and Boo picture from ‘Belle and Boo Book Of Craft’


Cath kidston cowboy, pattern from ‘Make


Here are some more bits I’m starting or haven’t put up yet.

IMAG0257Another vintage postcard.

IMAG0259Postcard of ‘Cowboy Joe From Mexico’ by Angela Lizon

IMAG0266Embroidery Pattern from ‘Little Sew and Sew

belle and boo cross stitch

And finally to celebrate the royal baby in style I’m making a start on this Belle and Boo cross stitch pattern, it’s going to take a while and I’ll probably just hang it up in a embroidery loop, might add some of the bobble braiding too.