Crafty Monday

This is my weekly post to share what I’ve been making, it’s not on a Sunday again, weekends can be a bit busy so I might just permanently move the day for this post.


I’ve really got into crochet recently and want to learn everything I can, it’s so exciting when your learning something new and it finally clicks in your head! I went back to the issue of Simply Crochet I bought back in January and found this great pattern for a crochet cushion. I backed the crochet with this lovely yellow vintage fabric I’ve had in my sewing box for over ten years, while the backing is made from a fat quarter I picked up at the craft fair back in March.




Here is a sneak peak at the dress I’ve been working on for my review of ‘Pattern Cutting Made Easy‘ by Gillian Holman. It’s a modern take on all the 40’s style dresses I’ve been inspired by lately and I don’t think I’ve ever used so much bias binding before! It’s almost finished so hopefully I’ll be able to post the review tomorrow.



Two more books arrived for review last week ‘Just Like Me Knits‘ by Brandy Fortune and ‘Granny Squares‘ by Susan Pinner. I’m totally in love with the granny squares one, right now I would cover our whole flat in crochet if Terry would let me! I’ve already made a start on some socks from ‘Just Like Me Knits’ if you’ve been reading this blog for a while you’ll know I’m a very slow knitter so I figured the sooner I make a start the better!



I’ve picked up a few crafty bits since my last post:

IMAG2447Paul Smith fabric for Terry’s shirt

IMAG245480s Knitting book from Copperfield secondhand book shop in Wimbledon (love this shop!)


Vintage 40’s sewing pattern – I fell in love with this pattern on eBay and although it says it’s a nightdress I would probably just make it as a maxi dress. However when it arrived it was still sealed(!?) so I’m in two minds as to whether to open it or not!


Loads of sewing bits from my local RSPCA charity shop, I also picked up some bits here for my spring sewing swap partner (I was quite late in posting Kat’s pack so once she’s received it I’ll do a post about all the lovely bits she sent me which arrived today!)



Project runway pattern free with last months sew magazine – I like pink polka-dot dress (far left) and that the pattern has princess seams – something I’ve never sewn before!


(image source: the vintage guide to london)

Lastly since reading Katie’s post on her blog ‘What Katie Does‘ I’m dying to go to this shop called ‘The Shop’ in Brick Lane! It’s literally stuffed with vintage fabric, I’m going to spend the next couple of weeks saving up then go and have a proper rummage around!

Crafty Sunday

My weekly craft post to share what I’ve been up to!rosie coat

I started the week by making Rosie this vintage style swing coat, I was making it to sell, but I’ve totally fallen in love with it! It’s not particularly waterproof, but it’s perfect for summer and autumn. I have enough of the same type of fabric in a different print to make another one to sell and now I know how to make it, so it’s not a total loss :/ (I’m going to have to get better at parting with stuff!)


This super hero outfit happened one evening when I picked my daughter up from school to be informed that they were having a superhero picnic the next day and she would need a costume! ugh they really gotta give parents more notice than that! Anyway I couldn’t have her be the only one not dressed up and I couldn’t convince her to be a princess superhero (that’s a thing right!?) so I cut up an old bed sheet my mum gave me and made her a cape and fleece backed mask. Super lily to the rescue!

Lily upcycle skirt

I picked up this mango skirt from the £1 rail at my local RSPCA, the print is just so 70’s and I love the brown and purple together, it had a pulled thread at the front which is probably why no one bought it. It was a really simple refashion I just cut the skirt in half, gathered the bottom section (hiding the pulled thread!) and then reattached to the shortened waistband elastic.


So if you read yesterday’s post you’ll know that my mum brought me back a ton of fabric from Texas where she was visiting friends. It’s all half meters and meters so perfect for clothes for the girls, my niece and nephew and small sewing projects. There is so much I could do a whole post on it! (I won’t though!)


Yesterday I went to the car-boot again on the look out for more retro bed sheets as it really is the cheapest way to buy them and my stash was looking a little bare. I picked up two for a £1 each and what I thought was a vintage brushed cotton baby sheet (£2.50), but actually turned out to be a nightdress! (it’s huge so I can still make a pair of children’s pj’s out of it and maybe even a matching teddy!).


I also scored these great patterns, the style one is from the 40’s and the other two are from the mid sixties at a £1 for all three and this amazing 1942 knitting magazine they were a real bargain!

womens weekly

It’s crazy that so many of these flimsy paper magazines survived the war, its amazing though and full of romantic fiction, once I’ve read it all I’ll do a post on it.


I’d actually gone to the car-boot with the hopes of being able to pic up some 40’s magazines as I’m on a bit of a 40’s kick at the moment inspired by this AMAZING book the lovely people at Carlton books sent me to review. I know I say every book is amazing (honestly it’s only because I only review books I like!) but this one is stunning and the essay at the start is fascinating, anyway proper review to follow soon!

Crafty Sunday

Knitted collar

Last week I’d made loads of plans of all things I wanted to make this week, but when Monday rolled around my cold was just too much and I felt totally exhausted! So I spent the beginning of the week just slowly knitting the above collar pattern from ‘Knitting Vintage‘ by Claire Montgomerie. It took a few tries to get right, but that was more because I wasn’t following the instructions properly! I think it’s cute and I love this coral coloured wool so much, but it just isn’t me I’ll probably end up adding it to something for the girls.

Dress designs

I’ve been sketching out some dress designs and summer clothes ideas for the girls, prompted by the fact that I keep getting great ideas as I’m falling off to sleep and then forgetting about them for days!

Kids designs

Yellow gingham dress

I’ve already made a start on making one of my designs into a cute yellow gingham dress, the only modification I’ve made so far is to add some welt pockets. It was the perfect excuse to finally use Margaret Butler’s Clothes book, its packed full of useful tutorials, although I’m going to have practice some more as mine are a little scruffy.


I recieved two new books this week for review from Collins & Brown Knit your own mustache by Vicky Eames and Pattern Cutting  made easy by Gillian Holman. I can’t wait to knit my brother and sister in law some fun treats and there are some really cute animal ears that the girls will love! While I’m pretty sure Pattern cutting made easy is going to completely change the way I think about making clothes, it literally opens up infinite possibilities!

Crafty Sunday

Crafty Sunday

Sorry there was no crafty Sunday last week, but I hadn’t made much so at the time it seemed a bit pointless, but now I’ve got loads to post so maybe I should have done!


Anyway I spent most of the week doing embroidery trying out the projects from ‘Little Sew And Sew’ by Christine Leech, I really loved it and you can read my review here.

Colette - Licorice

Yesterday evening while my boyfriend was watching Avatar for like the hundredth time, I made a start on the ‘Licorice’ dress from Sarai Mitnick’s ‘Colette Sewing Handbook‘. I cut the pattern pieces ages ago, but I’ve just not been motivated to actually sew it together probably because I wasn’t sure if it was my style and now that it’s almost finished I’m still not sure. I haven’t made any major modifications to the pattern, but I left out the zip as I found I could get it on and off just fine without it, all that’s left is to add the elastic to the arms and sew together the matching belt. There are some really cute variations and modifications of this dress on flickr and I really wish I’d seen these before I started sewing mine!


A little while ago I also made the ‘Meringue Skirt’ also from ‘The Colette Sewing Handbook’ I haven’t really found anything to go with it yet, but you can see a picture of me wearing it in my last ‘Me Made May‘ post. I love the bright colours, but the inside waist facing starts bunching when I’ve been wearing it for a little while so I’m going to have to hand stitch it down. I think maybe this is down to the interfacing I used?



Yesterday my mum took me to the ‘Wimbledon Sewing Machine‘ shop, I haven’t been in there for about ten years but it’s just as I remember it, the staff were really friendly and there is a brilliant haberdashery. My mum treated me to a load of fabric and sewing bits, I think the boat fabric is just perfect for little girly summer dresses.

Boot sale

I also went to the car boot yesterday which wasn’t great for my stash-busting! I bought two pillowcases and a dress pattern, the women I bought the pillowcases from had loads of beautiful vintage bedding, but unfortunately she wanted an awful lot of money for them. I also picked up these cute wicker picnic baskets to store fabric in, at £6 for the pair they were a real bargain!

Head scarf

This isn’t really craft related but I bought this beautiful scarf at my local charity shop for £1.5o and when I got home and googled Jacqmar I found out how collectible they are. There are so many beautiful ones available on Ebay and they’re just the right size to use as hair ties, I’m seeing a new obsession coming along!

fashion crochet-diy fashionista

Lastly I just wanted to quickly share two books which the lovely people at Carlton books have been kind enough to send me for review, they haven’t arrived yet but I’m excited to see what they’re like! I already have ‘Knitting Vintage‘ by Claire Montgomerie (I’m still knitting my way through a cardigan pattern!) and I really like the variation of projects so I hope ‘Fashion Crochet‘ is just as good. ‘Diy fashionista‘ is by Geneva Vanderzeil who has the most amazing website called ‘a pair and a spare‘ where she shares really easy ways to update clothes and accessories.

Crafty Sunday

Crafty Sunday

This week has been all about dress rip offs!




On Tuesday I mentioned that I was going to refashion the dress I bought off eBay into something resembling this gorgeous modcloth dress. I really like how it turned out, even though the stripes don’t match! I tried hard to get my pattern pieces to fit, but although there was ample fabric it was all awkward shapes and I just couldn’t get the stripes to match. I haven’t found the perfect buttons to run down the front yet and I didn’t have enough fabric to make the matching belt without it looking totally patch worked.




I finished off this polka dot dress yesterday, it was suppose to be based on the super cute casual Top Shop dress (no longer available), but once I added the sleeves and snazzy buttons it kinda took on a 80s vibe. The bodice is a modification of a Sarai Mitnick pattern from her ‘Colette Sewing Handbook‘ (which is amazing! Review coming soon) while the skirt is just a simple gather and the sleeves I just made up as I went along. It’s really comfy and a perfect fit, I’ll post a pic of me wearing both during ‘Me Made May’ which starts on Wednesday.





I haven’t really bought many crafty bits this week, I did pop into my local RSPCA charity shop to check out there £1 clothes rail to see if there was anything worth refashioning, but just ended up getting these cute knitting needles. I took my daughter with me as she loves the money box and kept pestering me until I took  her photo with him!


Last weekend we all went to Wimbledon car boot and above is a quick preview of the lovely bits I bought. I’m heading to another one this afternoon with the girls so I’ll do a post about both during the week.


This week I signed up for Kestrel Makes Spring Swap where people all over the world swap sewing bits and bobs, I’m exciting to choice some nice things and see what I get in return. If your interested you can sign up here anytime before the 1st May.

Crafty Tuesday

Crafty Tuesday

Things have been a bit hectic these past few days so it’s a crafty Tuesday this week!


Last week I was and still am knitting away at a new cardigan pattern from Knitting Vintage by Claire Montgomerie, so far I’ve finished the back which always seems like an achievement as it’s the biggest part!


I’ve started making some children’s clothes from my massive fabric to be recycled stash, but I’ll do a post about them when I’m closer to actually opening an etsy shop! Above is a refashion I’m right in the middle of at the moment, I bought the dress on the left from ebay and it was described as a size 16-18, but when it arrived it was huuuuge! Probably more of a 22-24, there was just so much fabric, I think its handmade from the early 80s/late 70s? Anyway the fit was way out, I guess I could have taken it in everywhere, but then I remembered the above modcloth dress I’d pinned a few weeks ago and knew this would be a perfect refashion. All the fabric is cut ready so hopefully I’ll post the finished dress on Sunday.


I ordered these vintage knitting magazines off of ebay a little while ago and they finally arrived on Saturday  I think I’ve been a little bit of an ebay addict lately both selling and buying! Anyway these are so lovey and the patterns are all simple styles.

IMAG1320-tileI picked up these cute patterns at my local rspca charity shop, they have a basket full of patterns all priced at 10p each. I really love the bottom two, the girls would look so cute in these!


Last week when the sun was shining Rosie and I took a stroll to Battersea and Lavender Hill to visit the fabric shop and wool shop, I picked up 3 meter’s of yellow gingham and I’m in the process of designing the most summery dress imaginable! The wool is to finish off the bolero cardigan I started in January and ran out of wool for twice!! I also picked up a copy of Burda magazine from my local whsmiths, I’ve never bought it before so fingers crossed the patterns are easy to follow. In fact I sent one of the patterns off to a friend who wants to make some high waisted shorts, hopefully she’ll let me share a picture when she’s finished!


Lastly I’ve signed up for My Me Made May hosted by ‘So Zo… what do you know‘ and pledged to wear something hand made/refashioned every day in May. I’ll post a weekly update post with how I’m getting on.

Crafty Sunday – Week Twelve

Crafty Sunday – Week Twelve

Happy Easter everyone!! Today has been a little hectic, so sorry but this weeks post is going to be a short and image heavy.


(Sorry about poor quality iPhone photo)

I finished my pink bolero cardigan and because it’s lovely and warm I’ve already worn it twice!


I’ve made a start on this vintage american 70’s shirt-dress pattern, there is still quite a lot left to do, but so far so good.



As Terry is always complaining that I never make him anything, I knitted him a hat. It’s based on the above pattern from Knit now magazine, he’s worn it once so far but I think it might be a bit girly for him.


This week I headed to tooting market and picked up a few zips, some cotton and 3 meters of summer floral fabric to make a dress for only £2 a meter. I haven’t finished last weeks simplicity dress, but there isn’t much left to do so it will definitely be in next weeks post.

Sorry about the short post I will do better next week!