Friday Favourites


I bought my Colette Hawthorn pattern last week and have almost finished making view A (the blouse) and will hopefully be ready to share it tomorrow. But now I’ve fallen in love with yet another shirt-dress pattern! This new 1940’s Burda Style shirt-dress is a little more classic than the hawthorn, I’m going to try and get a copy of the magazine as the print at home patterns can be such a hassle (and a nightmare waste of printer ink!). I could only find the plus size pattern which is for size 16+ so perfect for me, but they do have some other regular sized shirt-dress patterns.


1. I’ve be avidly watching ‘The White Queen’ every week and even though I know how it’s going to end, it’s been really fun to see Philippa Gregory’s spin on it. I haven’t read the book, in fact I haven’t read any of her books, I really want to now though especially after watching the brilliant documentary she made to go along with the show.

2. I’ve loved 4OD since it was launched a few years ago, it’s such a great way to catch up on shows I missed the first time around either because I was to young or working. Recently I’ve watched all of ‘Bob and Margaret‘ a really nostalgic and funny cartoon made in the late 90’s, it’s made me long for simpler times before the smart phone!

3. I have a total girl crush on Lucy Worsley so can’t wait to watch her new programme starting next week all about the royal bed chamber, she really knows how to make history come alive!

postcards 2Postcards 3

I got these cute vintage postcards off of eBay this week, I think they’ll look great in the girls bedroom along with all the needlework pictures I’m working on. The top one is postmarked from 1930 and I love the simple valentine message on the back, how lovely is the joined up handwriting! The second arrived this morning and the image is copyrighted to 1908, but the postcard is probably later sadly its unused but I just love the diving girl. They were both really cheap costing under £2 each including postage, eBay is literally packed full of them, below are a few of my favourites.

postcards1. 2. 3. 4.


Sharing the love!

Just a quick post to share some great things going on at the moment! (It’s either a very early Friday favorites or a very late one?)


I absolutely love Colette patterns new Hawthorn Dress, a brilliant modern spin on the classic shirt-waister! Sarai is even hosting a sew-a-long on her blog at the moment, I won’t have enough money to buy the fabric and pattern until next month but I’m sure it’ll be really helpful when I do! Check out the Flickr page to see loads of finished ones!

little sew and sew 1

Christine Leech is giving away two books one of which I recently reviewed and loved, you can enter here until the 12th of July!


I didn’t think the Kelly skirt was the most amazing pattern when I first saw it on the Megan Neilson website, however having seen so many amazing denim versions sewn up by a lot of other sewing bloggers I’m really tempted to make my own. Hopefully the pleats at the waist any should minimize any unsightly gaping when sitting! Here are links to a few of my favorites, Lladybird, Handmade Jane, Paunnet, Annabel Vita and What Katie Sews. (I told you there were a lot!


How cute is this free kitting pattern by the purl bee, I think I’m in love and it’s good excuse to go back to the amazing Honor Perry for supplies and to chat wool!


I’m looking forward to going to see the Royal academy summer exhibition sometime in the next couple of weeks, open submission exhibitions are definitely my favorite kind, you just never know what to expect! There was a brilliant culture show special a few weeks ago following artists who had submitted works, only one was your typical artist, the other two were just ordinary people wanting to share their work. Hopefully you can still watch it here.

2013 miss indie summer fun photography challenge

Oh and I’ve decided to take part in my first photo a day challenge, I’ve wanted to do one of these for ages but some of the other ones I’ve seen just seemed to complicated or containing objects/places way to hard to find! Anyway Miss Indie‘s Summer Fun photo challenge looks perfect and great way to document the summer now it’s finally arrived.


Lastly but certainly not least, I’ve really enjoyed the Refashion Runway competition hosted by The Renegade Seamstress! I’m so sad it’s almost over and annoyed at myself for not making enough time to sew along. The outfits and refashions were truly inspiring and its been so hard to vote for a favorite each week!

Friday favourites

Friday favourites


This week I’ve started watch Mr Selfridge a ITV drama about the opening and running of the department store during the early twentieth century. It’s so good and I love all the characters, while the casting and costumes are amazing. So excited that they’ve already commissioned a second series! The BBC did a similar program at the same time about a fictional department store so it’ll be interesting to watch that one to and see how they compare. I really want to go to Selfridges now! I have fond memories of visiting the toy department with my mother as a child to see all the different barbie dolls in international costumes and the window displays of course. Might have to take a trip into town next week.


I’ve fallen in love with this Liberty print ‘Mauvey C Tana Lawn‘ fabric but at £22 a meter its a bit pricey so hopefully with all the money I’ll save this month on my scrap busting I’ll be able to buy enough to make the ‘mathilde‘ blouse by Tilly from The Great British Sewing Bee.


I’m really looking forward to receiving my review copy of ‘Girls Night In‘ by Hannah Read-Baldrey, it looks amazing from the amazon ‘look inside’ feature and has some really great reviews already! Also this week my amazingly lovely brother bought me a copy of Cath Kidston new autobiography ‘Coming up Roses‘ as he knows how much I love her shop!

Friday Favourites

Friday Favourites


Ok so I’m not going to pretend it’s summer yet just because we had a bit of sun yesterday, but there’s no harm in being prepared! Every summer I go on the hunt for the perfect maxi dress and have yet to find one.  All I want is one which looks casual enough to wear with sandals on trips to the park or to nip to the shops (without worrying about a boob popping out!). Everyone I’ve tried I always look like I’m about to go to the beach or a fancy party. Recently I’ve spotted quite a few lovely ones in New Look and they are all so reasonably priced (all of the dresses above are priced between £20-£35) , I think I’m going to snatch a child free afternoon next week to take over a changing room!


For the past few weeks Kate over at Scathingly Brilliant has been doing the most amazing Disney inspired outfit posts to celebrate going on a trip to Disney world. It really puts a smile on my face to see her lovely outfits in my inbox, if you haven’t already you have to check out her blog.

mad men

I’ve been catching up on Season 6 of Mad Men this week and it’s just as good as always! I do however wish they’d make Betty look normal again, it just seems odd to have her in that fat suit all the time. I’m glad Joan got more screen time in the last episode as well, I wish her and roger would just get together already! lol.

Mini Ice Cream Inspired Chocolates - Corenetto, Magnum and Mini Milk

(not my picture : original source)

Has anyone else tried the new ice-cream inspired chocolate bars? I’ve treated myself to one the last couple of times I’ve done the big weekly shop at Asda and they’re really yummy! Next time I’m going to try the mini milk one!

Friday Favourites

Friday Favourites


(it’s the tiny blue shop in the middle, I wish I’d taken my own photo!!!)

I found the most amazing shop this week! Honor Parry in Battersea is like taking a wonderful step back in time, its the most amazing craft shop I’ve ever been in, the walls are literally floor to ceiling covered in wool. There is a large old fashion counter around half the room, behind which stands a hive of knitting know how in the form of the wonderful shop owner who was incredibly helpful. I literally want to go back there just to ask her questions!


I’m so glad to see Lucy Worsley back on my telly! I’m loving her new BBC 2 show ‘Fit to Rule: How Royal Illness Changed History. Although I’ve read about much of it before, she is very charismatic and has a wonderfully different approach to history. You can catch up on BBC iPlayer here.


One of my lovely friends managed to blag me a free ticket to the London Original print fair which runs from the 25th- 28th April at the Royal Academy. I’m excited to check out whats going on in the world of printmaking as I’m still having etching withdrawal symptoms, can’t wait until the girls are a bit older and I can sneak off to one of the open printmaking studios dotted around London!


Recently I’ve been picking up some cheap 80s dresses off of Ebay, most of them need some alterations, but the fabrics are great and I know I’ll end up with something no one else has. Does anyone else get an odd feeling when you see someone walking around in something you also own? My daughter got a bit freaked out last year when one of her teachers was wearing the same cardigan as me, I haven’t really worn it since, but mostly because it was from Primark and has pretty much fallen apart in the wash 😦


Lastly Allie a freelancer from Triactol got in touch with me a few weeks ago about sharing a graphic she’d made. I wasn’t to sure at first as it isn’t really what I generally blog about, but I’ve always been a sucker for a flow chart where you answer questions and undoubtedly get told something about you already knew about yourself! Generally I’m not really one for saying that people can’t wear a style of clothing because of their body shape, but you can’t get away from the fact that certain shapes just suit certain clothes.

Triactol-Flowchart-Final1 (1)


Image curtasy of Allie via TRIACOL

Very Belated Friday Favourites

Very Belated Friday Favourites

sailor tile

1. Nautical Print 50s Beach Dress – Asos

2. 80’s Dress – French Navy Vintage (Etsy)

3. Book Club Cutie Dress – Modcloth

4. 80’s Dress – Ebay

5. Flower Shadow Dress – Orla Kiely

6. Vintage Butterick’s Pattern (8391) – Etsy

I’m jumping on the nautical bandwagon this week! Everywhere I look there seems to be anchors  deep blues and sailor collars. I’ve always loved a sailor collar they really remind me of all the 80s party dresses I had when I was little.


Recently I watched an interesting documentary on BBC Four called ‘How to be a lady: An elegant history of womanhood’  presented by Rachel Johnson who is not only Boris Johnson’s sister but works at ‘The Lady’ magazine which has been publishing for well over 100 years. Over the course of this hour long program Johnson goes on a lively exploration of what it’s meant to be a lady throughout history and how these ideals effect us now. The most intriguing part was a quick interview with a feminist who insists that we must take back the word and use it to exemplify everything that is great about modern womanhood.


This week I’ve been living in these Primark PJ bottoms, they are sooo comfy and cute. I’m definitely heading back to buy another pair next week, they have loads of lovely Cath Kidston style prints in at the moment and for £5-6 a pair you really can’t go wrong!

Friday Favourites

Friday Favourites

gingham yellow

1. Retro Tattoo Pillow – Dollydrip

2. Vans Sunglasses – (sold out)

3. 60s Sundress – Simplicity is bliss

4. Gingham shirtdress – Boden

5. 60’s Floral Dress – Swedish Heritage

This week I am well and truly sick of the cold! Bring on spring already! In lue of this I’ve fallen in love with yellow gingham, I just want to surround myself in it’s happy glow, I could also quite happily add a few daffodils and daises too!


This book is top of my wishlist at the moment, ‘And Sew To Bed‘ by Vanessa Mooncie who was the genius behind the amazing ‘Animal Hats‘ knitting pattern book. ‘And Sew To Bed’ looks packed full of lovely idea’s and refashions for clothes and accessories, best of all it has a proper pattern sheet so no struggling to enlarge scanned images!


All available on

Longing for summer I’ve been keeping a look out on eBay for some cute vintage/vintage inspired dresses for the girls, in general there seems to be a lot less than adults clothes, no doubt because even 50 years ago kids were messy so and so’s!


It’s Easter holiday’s for Lily over the next two weeks, but I’m hoping I can slip off for a bit on my own to go and visit Kaffe Fassett show ‘A life in colour’ at the Fashion and textile museum. It looks amazing and is his first show in london since 1988!