About Me

meHi, I’m Grace!

Since I can remember I’ve always been interested in books, art and crafts. A few months after I finished my BA at Art School I fell pregnant with my eldest daughter and then went on to have another daughter. It’s been four years since I graduated and this blog is my way of getting back into the swing of documenting and evaluating things I’ve seen or made and books I’ve read. Hope you enjoy it and  comments are always welcome!

You can contact me via graceainsworth@hotmail.com and feel free to get in touch if your a blogger and fancy doing a relevant guest post.

Please ask before reproducing any of my photos which include my children, thanks xx

7 thoughts on “About Me

  1. knowing how to wield a needle (or a sewing machine) and other arty skills has certainly added to my fun as a collector and wearer of true vintage clothing and accessories. I have saved or transformed a number of items that otherwise would have been left behind. Thanks so much for your visits to my blog, too. So glad you are enjoying.

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