The blog is moving!!

I’m moving the blog! Exciting stuff!

A little while ago I bought my own domain name from go daddy for like £3.50, but I’ve been putting off using it for a WordPress site. I understand that this is a free service and they try to limit posting ads on people blogs which is why they charge extra for more than the basic bits and bobs. But I don’t mind having ads and I can’t justify spending ££ a year to use my own domain name or ££ to have a theme I’m happy with or ££ just so I change the colour and size of my font. I love so many things about WordPress, but at the moment it just not a great fit for me. So I’m switching platform to one which I know some people (most people!)  think is actually a step down from WordPress, but since I can have more control over the simple changes I want to make to the blog’s design and use my own URL for free that’s all good with me.

My new URL is and I hope you will all continue to follow me on the new site, using Facebook, twitter or instagram. However if you follow via email I’m afraid you’ll have to sign up again via the box on my new site and if you follow through the WordPress reader you can easily add my new blog too. All you have to do is go to your reader, on the left hand side you’ll see blogs/follow and then edit. Click on edit then just add to the box at the top of the page and click follow. Also if you follow via bloglovin you’ll have to follow the new blog again here.


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