A trip to Goldhawk road

IMG_2638Recently I’ve read quite a few brilliant blog posts about fabric shopping in London, usually I just stick to a few shops that I know so I thought it would be nice to branch out and see what else is on offer. So on Thursday we headed to Goldhawk road, as it’s only a half hour bus ride away it seemed the perfect place to start.IMG_2637-horz

There certainly are a lot of shops, and some bargains to be had. I’m going to be honest though and say that even though everyone seems to rave about how amazing it is I couldn’t help feeling disappointed. Yes there are a lot of shops, but most seem to stock the same fabrics (at different prices!) which if your looking for a specific plain fabric in certain weight or texture is perfect, but if your after something special, a stand out print not so good. Of course they are there, but you have to rummage (not an easy task with two kids in tow even when your mum comes to help!) and then you have no idea how much they cost.

I also found the level of service was pretty hit or miss, I think that stuff matters especially because I don’t have a lot of spare cash at the moment, which means I have to save up to buy fabric so I want the experience to be a positive one. In one shop a man followed me everywhere literally at my elbow (which always makes me cringe!), while another tried to charge Ā£5.99 a meter for a low quality printed poly-cotton which is almost double everywhere else I’ve seen. I guess that is a bit unfair because for the most part the shop assistants were both helpful and friendly. And also almost everyone cut the fabric on the generous side.


Maybe once you learn the shops that work for you it’s a more pleasant experience, but I don’t think I’ll be going back any time soon. I’ve been spoilt by my local fabric shop which stocks the most lovely prints in good quality fabrics, is always welcoming and the girls can play with the toy basket. I’m not giving up on exploring what the other fabrics shops around London have to offer though, Walthamstow market sounds great and definitely on the cards for a visit sometime before Christmas!


Anyway I did buy loads of lovely fabric and my mum treated me to some to, which of course makes up for it not being as fun as I’d hoped it would be.

IMAG0219Offcuts bin synthetic blend chiffon fabric – 1.5 m

IMAG0216Another synthetic blend chiffon from a different off cuts bin – 2.3m

IMAG0224Cotton voile – 1.6m

IMAG0233Lightweight denim – 1.65m

IMAG0228silk blend – 2m
IMAG0226viscose – 2.1m


Cotton Lawn – 2m

IMAG0218cotton voile – 2m
IMAG0235As you can see I’ve tried to lean more towards the colours I like to wear (mainly blue!) and simple repeat prints. I’ve found that although I love the bolder colourful fabrics when I’ve actually made clothes out of them they don’t really suit me and I end up not wearing them.

Ooh and here are the bits my mum picked out for herself and grandchildren:

DSCF1421 (1000x1000) DSCF1424 (1000x1000) DSCF1427 (1000x1000)

Sorry if this post was a bit moany, maybe its just me I tend to find to much choice overwelming. I’m less kid in a candy store, more kid at reasonably well stocked tuck shop window.


8 thoughts on “A trip to Goldhawk road

  1. I’ve never been to goldhawk road. The fabric shop by house on seven sisters road is perfect for what I need and reasonably priced and the staff are so friendly. Its tiny and probably not worth a visit unless you live super close, it does for me though. I’m attempting to make a coat and I went today to buy fabric, the lady in there helped me pick a lining to match what I had already chosen even though it was pretty busy (it always is). Have you been to Ridley market, dalston? There is a really good fabric shop down there with the most amazing button selection. It doesn’t look like a shop from outside as its covered in tarpolin but fold it back and it’s a wonderful cavern. It’s worth going for the buttons and ribbons alone. And dalston is pretty brilliant now a days. I love you brown cotton voile you bought, it has a real retroey feel. Good post!

    • Aww thanks! I’ve never been to Dalston before, to be honest before the south east extension to the london overground I didn’t go to east london much as it was such a trek. But now I can get there in under an hour it’s like a whole new world has opened up (might be getting a little carried away!) Anyway the button/fabric shop sounds amazing and well worth a trip.

  2. Great finds, I particularly like the viscose and that denim looks pretty good too. I’m sort of the same, I tend to go to only two fabric shops as the times I’ve branched out and been on a train for half an hour to go to a different store, all they had were cotton prints :/ I am constantly in search of viscose & rayon, which I have only found once. šŸ˜¦

    • My local one although lovely doesn’t sell that many man made fibres either. Seems like people get a bit funny about them, but a lot my favourite ready to wear clothes are made from viscose it’s so much easier to iron has a great drape.

  3. Love the “pie and mash” picture! I wasn’t disappointed although when browsing through so many shops it is very difficult to remember who had what on offer. It was just as well we had Lily along to tell me exactly which shop had the blue teddy bear fabric and which the pink

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