End of Sew Lily Week

This week has just flown by and I haven’t posted half the things I’d hoped too, to be honest the girls have been keeping me crazy busy! They seem to be constantly arguing and throwing everything we own on the floor at the moment and if it weren’t for strong coffee and paracetamol I’d probably of had a break down by now! I didn’t manage to make nearly as much for lily as I would have liked to, but here are the few I did manage:

Space Pinafore Dress

IMG_2600 IMAG0216-horzdergfewr space dress IMG_2598

My mum brought this fabric back from america for me, I was planning on making Lily some simple pj’s with it, but as soon as she saw it she asked for a space dress. I didn’t think it would work as a dress, but I think that’s because I was picturing something a little more formal. I’m totally in love with this pinafore though! I didn’t use a pattern as a base,  it’s pretty simple construction with simple box pleats at the front and a shirred elasticated waist at the back. It was so quick and easy to make, I’m visioning a lot more pinafores in lily’s future!

Umbrella top (pattern – women’s realm WR393)

IMAG0228-horz umbrella top umbrellas IMG_2577

I’ve had this pattern for ages now, isn’t it great that whoever bought it originally put the magazine advertisement inside?! I love how simple and quick children’s clothes are to sew I literally knocked up this whole top in a morning, the zip (love vintage metal zips!) did give me a bit of trouble, but I’ll leave off fixing it until I get a new zipper foot.

Drinks top

lily drinks 3 drinks 2 Drink top 2

This top is made from the left over fabric from this dress (which was my first go at shirring!). I made my own basic pattern block using one of lily’s shop bought tops as a base, a really useful method for kids clothes as they are pretty shapeless so you can get away with drawing round them without unpicking the seams. I decided to learn how to do bias facing on the armholes, I still need a little practice but I think it looks quite smart and much more practical for kids clothes than proper facings.

It was a real nightmare to get Lily to let me take any pictures of her wearing the clothes, I’m not sure how other bloggers who sew for there kids all the time get them to do it? bribery?


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