Sewing Lily Clothes Week!


I feel like I’ve been a bit of selfish sewer so far this year hardly making anything at all for the girls, now the summer holiday has come round I’ve really noticed how few practical clothes Lily actually has. Since she started school full time, I’ve mostly just been adding to or replacing her school uniform with only the weekends to worry about casual clothes. We have another five weeks together before she goes back so she definitely needs more things to wear! I’ve decided to dedicate this week to sewing Lily as many clothes as I can and work my way through some of my stash of smaller lengths of fabric.


So today is these button up shorts, totally influenced by Ashley from Sew Ashley Sew’s lovely take on Oliver + S sailboat pants pattern. I love Oliver + S patterns they are simple yet stylish, but way too expensive to buy in this country!


I decided to draft my own using a 1968 Style Pattern (2124) as a base. I used floral needle-cord fabric left over from this dress which I posted about year ago tomorrow (which is my Blog anniversary!).


My pattern was a slight fail and it’ll need quite a lot of tweaking before I use it again, so I ended up winging it a bit while sewing the shorts together.


Which is why the pleats at the front were more of a necessity than a style feature and little bit off centre.


 They fit her well and she loves them, really that’s all that matters and now I know how to fix the pattern so there aren’t as many mistakes next time. I’ll keep you updated with how I get on with ‘Sew Lily Week’, now I’m off to watch ‘Tales from the Royal Bedchamber‘ on bbc4 and order some Gok Wan knickers à la Bethany from Arched Eyebrow.


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