The Belle & Book Book of Craft


Belle and Boo are nostalgic fictional characters created by the talented illustrator Mandy Sutcliffe, they appear in a number of children’s books always playing and going on sweet adventures. Belle & Boo is now also a gorgeous kids brand specialising in high quality, vintage inspired pieces for children, you have to check out their shop, if I could I would literally buy everything!

Belle and Book Book of Crafts 1

The Belle & Boo Book of craft contains a number of projects to help bring the world Sutcliffe has created to life, including a pirate play tent, a stunning quiet book and a cute playtime headdress. There are also ideas for homeware projects inspired by their adorable fabric line, I especially like the idea of making a quilt from old baby clothes and using just a small amount of one their prints to tie the whole project together.

Here are some of my other favourite projects from the book:

IMAG0047Camera Bag

IMAG0042Meadow Picnic Blanket – Totally in love with this simple idea to jazz up a plain green blanket!
IMAG0034Explorer Satchel
IMAG0032Snowflake Mittens
IMAG0029Little Helpers Apron – You can never have too many Aprons!

Soap Ice lolly

Lollipop Soaps – To be honest I’m not too sure about these soap lollipops for kids, I just know my girlies would try and eat them and end up with mouths full of bubbles! However I do have a couple of friends who would love these and I think they would make great bathroom decoration (totally in love with little wooden boats too!).

IMAG0008 IMAG0002

As always I attempted one of the projects from the book and of course I had to make a Boo for Rosie! She’s always loved teddies,  forever picking a favorite which has to come everywhere until it gets lost (which is why we have so many back up favorites!).  Rosie’s Boo is made from a vintage pillowcase and some fleece I had left over from another project, I love the suggested idea of felting an old jumper but as most of mine are acrylic blends it wouldn’t have worked so well! I couldn’t find toy eyes at any of my local craft shops so I just made some simple felt ones, I’m really not happy with how they turned out (they look a little creepy!). So next time (Lily wants a Boo too!) I will definitely seek some out and probably even add them to this one too. All the pattern piece templates are actual size, which is so helpful as it means I didn’t have to battle with the photocopier at the library! Also the directions are clear and simple making them easy to follow, all I would say is that it would have been nice to have a little tutorial on french knots at the back of the book along with the other stitches needed. I’m forever forgetting how to do them properly! But this is only a tiny niggle as a quick Google search uncovers loads of brilliant tutorials (like this one).


The next thing I made isn’t actually a set project from the book, but that’s the great thing about good craft books you can just take elements and inspiration from projects and make up your own! A couple of weeks ago I mentioned that I wanted to make a little feature wall in the girls bedroom of needlecraft pictures and since Boo is so cute I had to add him to the collection!  It’s just  simple embroidery using some of the templates at the back of the book, I then made a crochet frame to add a little more detail (if you want to make your own crochet picture frame there is a great free pattern here).


As you can see from the pictures of this book, it really is stunning and would make the most wonderful baby shower gift for a crafty mum. The other great thing is how uni-sex most of the projects are, the problem with a lot of craft books aimed at making things for children’s is that they tend to just totally forget about little boys, but this has loads of  bits they’d love.


The Belle & Boo Book of Craft is published by Quadrille, RRP £14.99, available here from Amazon UK.

The Belle & Boo Book of Crafts -Photography © Laura Edwards


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