A Day In The Sun

The weather has been amazing in London today! It’s days like this I can’t help but put all the housework, sewing, knitting and whatever else I think I should be doing aside and just have fun with the girls. I wanted to post about all the great bits I hoped to find at the car-boot we went to this afternoon, but it was a total fail so I thought I’d just share a few snippets from our day instead.Riding bikesIMG_2169Jam tartsCar bootIMG_2185DrinksIMG_2188IMG_2200IMG_2203sunburn1. Morning bike rides / 2. round-a-bout. / 3.Making jam tarts and a mess! / 4. Ice-Lollys at the car-boot. / 5. Huge mural on the side of a pub. / 6. Nothing better than San Pellegrino Limonata in the summer! / 7. Playing at ‘Eat-Play-Love’ / 8. Being a pirate in Sainsburys /9. Finished Jam Tarts. / 10. Sunburn & a relaxing bath.


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