Sharing the love!

Just a quick post to share some great things going on at the moment! (It’s either a very early Friday favorites or a very late one?)


I absolutely love Colette patterns new Hawthorn Dress, a brilliant modern spin on the classic shirt-waister! Sarai is even hosting a sew-a-long on her blog at the moment, I won’t have enough money to buy the fabric and pattern until next month but I’m sure it’ll be really helpful when I do! Check out the Flickr page to see loads of finished ones!

little sew and sew 1

Christine Leech is giving away two books one of which I recently reviewed and loved, you can enter here until the 12th of July!


I didn’t think the Kelly skirt was the most amazing pattern when I first saw it on the Megan Neilson website, however having seen so many amazing denim versions sewn up by a lot of other sewing bloggers I’m really tempted to make my own. Hopefully the pleats at the waist any should minimize any unsightly gaping when sitting! Here are links to a few of my favorites, Lladybird, Handmade Jane, Paunnet, Annabel Vita and What Katie Sews. (I told you there were a lot!


How cute is this free kitting pattern by the purl bee, I think I’m in love and it’s good excuse to go back to the amazing Honor Perry for supplies and to chat wool!


I’m looking forward to going to see the Royal academy summer exhibition sometime in the next couple of weeks, open submission exhibitions are definitely my favorite kind, you just never know what to expect! There was a brilliant culture show special a few weeks ago following artists who had submitted works, only one was your typical artist, the other two were just ordinary people wanting to share their work. Hopefully you can still watch it here.

2013 miss indie summer fun photography challenge

Oh and I’ve decided to take part in my first photo a day challenge, I’ve wanted to do one of these for ages but some of the other ones I’ve seen just seemed to complicated or containing objects/places way to hard to find! Anyway Miss Indie‘s Summer Fun photo challenge looks perfect and great way to document the summer now it’s finally arrived.


Lastly but certainly not least, I’ve really enjoyed the Refashion Runway competition hosted by The Renegade Seamstress! I’m so sad it’s almost over and annoyed at myself for not making enough time to sew along. The outfits and refashions were truly inspiring and its been so hard to vote for a favorite each week!


3 thoughts on “Sharing the love!

  1. I’ve been looking for a pattern for a dress I want to make (I have the fabric and the idea in my head but couldn’t find that perfect pattern) I think I’m going to try one of the Colette patterns you listed – thanks for sharing!

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