Another Amazing 80s Knitting Book!

IMAG2542I love 80s knitting books and look out for them every time I go to a charity shop, car boot or secondhand book shop, not only are they hilarious (hopefully not just to me?) but they’re actually always filled with good basic patterns. This one comes from Copperfield secondhand book shop in Wimbledon which is just a treasure trove and if you’ve ever in the area you have to pop in to have a look around. This book is simply called ‘Knitting’ there’s no author credits but it’s published by treasure press.

IMAG2544The stitch guides in these 80s knitting books are brilliant, they’re so easy to follow.
IMAG2555These whole outfits are great I really want to knit one of these jumpers and make a comfy wool skirt ready for autumn.

IMAG2558Lol! Token mustache dad
IMAG2559Perfect matching jumpers for those days when you’re just taking a stroll in the rain with your violins!

IMAG2561I love they’re matching hair! Not sure about the flocked jumpers though!IMAG2562To cute! I really want to make these!
IMAG2565Aww, beautiful babies!IMAG2567 Somehow I don’t think this girl wanted to be a knitwear model?! IMAG2568 The girls would love a set of these!IMAG2571 A lot of work, but I quite like its Art Deco feel.IMAG2573I don’t think the lamb wanted to be in the book either!

This book is available from these links: Amazon uk, abebooks, etsy. You can check my other’s 80s knitting book reviews here (just scroll to the bottom).


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