Clothes labels and Spoonflower review

IMAG2521My package from Spoonflower arrived last week! At the start of June I blogged about my search for labels to put in the clothes I’ve been making with the intention of selling and was so when happy when I came across a tutorial for making them via Spoonflower.

its Got To be Retro-crop

So here is my logo for my clothes label, it was really hard to come up with name which expressed what I’m all about that wasn’t already taken! I uploaded this image to spoonflower and repeated it to get a fat quarter of fabric which ended up looking like this:


IMAG2527From the close up you can see the colours have lost some of their vibrancy, I’d read warnings before ordering my fabric that this would happen so to balance them out I made the colours extra bold in the original image.


I spent an hour one morning watching ‘Real Housewives of Atlanta’ (yeah I love that crap!) cutting the fabric, ironing and stitching to create these:


So happy with how smart they look once sewn in and really grateful to Sarah from ‘While they snooze‘ for the original idea of using Spoonflower to make labels!


I’m so impressed with Spoonflower’s service not only did they keep me updated on my order throughout but considering the postage from North Carolina to the UK was only $2 it arrived really quickly! There was even a cute little handwritten thank you on the invoice! I’m really tempted to design and print more fabric now! I ordered a little fabric sample book and the silk crepe is lovely quality if not a little out of my price rang at $34.20 a yard, a girl can dream though!


6 thoughts on “Clothes labels and Spoonflower review

  1. I haven’t ordered anything from Spoonflower and I doubt I ever will. I want to but Finnish customs lowered the limit of the value you can import outside of EU and I wouldn’t get even a meter without paying VAT which is 24% over here and is calculated from the sum of the item itself AND postage. I know there’s a printery in Germany but I don’t know anyone who has tried it.

  2. They look fabulous! I can’t wait for you to start selling. By the way I’m sorry I haven’t sent those bits to you yet. I haven’t forgotten I just can’t find something I wanted to include!

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