Vintage Pound Store @ The East End Thrift Store

Today I went to the ‘Vintage Pound Store’ at the ‘East End Thrift Store’ near Whitechaple, they basically had a room full of vintage clothes all priced at a £1! I’ve been wanting to go to one of these fill a bag type sales for a while, but was worried it wouldn’t really be my type of thing and I’d end up paying for a half empty bag! So this seemed like the perfect opportunity to dip my foot into the messy mass vintage sale world as I only had to pay for what I wanted!

It was mostly 80’s/90’s so a lot of denim and crazy ugly fleece jackets! But there was definitely some treasures hidden among the mess and some real bargains, where else can you buy a fake fur coat for a £1?? I couldn’t find one the right size or without crazy yellow stains in the armpits so gave them a miss this time round, but will be on the look out for one at the next £1 sale. It was really busy and even though I got there half an hour early I had to queue for over an hour to get in and since they clearly weren’t restocking I can’t help wondering what amazing things I missed out on! Anyway I spent £10 using the philosophy that if I liked it even a little bit it was probably worth getting for a £1 rather than regretting it later! Here are my bargain buys:

blue dressHandmade 70’s Dress –
The lining is in a really bad condition and the zipper is a bit of mess so I’ll probably refashion this into something completely different.

blue skirt80’s knitted skirt –
This is too small for me, so I thought I’d try and felt it or just make it smaller for one the girls.

IMG_196070s/80s – shirt-dress –
The lining on this is a really horrible cheap polyester so I’m gonna take it out and then probably just leave it and wear it with a belt.
IMG_1970Polka-dot dress-
I’m having trouble dating this one, but I think it’s probably 80’s does 40’s, the shape on it is amazing but it’s absolutely filthy! There are loads of amazing online tutorials about cleaning vintage clothes so hopefully I can get the stains out!

IMG_197570’s Tartan Dress –
This is in really bad condition, the buttons are missing, the seams are ripped and the cuffs are a mess. It looks alright on with a belt, so I’ll probably repair rather than refashion.

IMG_1988Crochet cardigan –
This is great as is, so I’ll be wearing it a lot over the summer.

IMG_1990Jumpsuit (I totally thought it was a dress until I got home!) –
This was definitely an impulse purchase! it’s huge and quite clown like with the over-sized collar!

knitted skirtKnitted skirt –
This fits fine so I’ll just stash it away for winter.

pink dress70’s Pink Dress –
I managed to date this one from the label (thank you google! lol) It’s great as is but a little small for me, I’m gonna keep though as I usually a few pounds over summer.

pink wool skirt


80s/90s wool skirt –
The waist is proper tiny and the lining is a total mess so I bought it with the hopes of keeping the pleats but just making it smaller as a winter skirt for lily.

The ‘Vintage Pound Store‘ runs until Tuesday evening and totally worth going to if you love a bargain! My friend Magda got the most amazing floral shirt-dress and another one with a scalloped front, you just have to rummage through and you’ll find treasure!


4 thoughts on “Vintage Pound Store @ The East End Thrift Store

  1. Blimey, rag bag chic, to think you used to tease me about my charity shop look. Just don’t go too grungy, at least give them an iron.

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