Working on another bed sheet makeover


I bought this sheet a few months ago for £2 at my local charity shop, I love the print so much and it’s in amazing condition, but I’ve found it hard to come up with ideas for how to make it work as clothing. Last week I just decided to take the plunge and make a simple kids 70s style sundress, I always find once I’ve cut into fabric I’m a lot less precious about what to use it for!

70s dress

The great thing about having two little girls is being able to try stuff on them and then gage the size! I sewed this to be a size 3, but it’s can be a little hard to work out if that’s 3-4 or 2-3, this definitely worked out more 2-3.

skirtdress cut

I’ve cut the pieces to make a little shirt-dress like the one I made for lily, it was a bit of nightmare to pattern match so I hope  it works out ok once its sewn together! I think I’ll probably use the rest of fabric as an accent with a more modern polka-dot or stripe to make some women’s clothes.


Oh and yesterday I ordered my ‘label’ fabric from Spoonflower, it was really easy to use and surprisingly cheap especially compared to getting cotton label’s printed! I ordered one fat quarter in quilters cotton and with postage to England it was $11.90. It’ll take up to three weeks to arrive and of  course I’ll share it when it does, I’m really excited to see how it’ll turn out! I’ve also ordered my laundry care labels, I decided to go for hand-wash only to be on the safe side, although most of the fabrics I use are cotton which will withstand the washing machine some of the trims might not. Now I’m wondering if it’s worth hunting down some size tabs as well, it seems to be a lot easier to get s, m, large labels so I might just go for that? Its starting to seems like as soon as I get one thing sorted I think up a long list of other things I need to do!


11 thoughts on “Working on another bed sheet makeover

  1. that is such a cute dress (and an adorable little girl). I had to laugh – we still use sheets like this at my house, except they’re the orange, yellow and tan variety. I’ve had some good purchases at the Salvation Army too recently I’ve bought 4 patterns for $2!

  2. Wow! Adorable (both the dress and your daughter). I’ve been looking for vintage sheets like this at thrift stores, but haven’t had much luck. I’ve been inspired by all of the cool refashions I keep seeing others do with them. I’ve gotta say your little dress has to be my favorite so far! Great job! 🙂

  3. Totally agree with all the other comments – adorable dress on an adorable little one. 😀 I love the fabric and that label is cool too 😀

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