Fashion Crochet – Claire Montgomerie


‘Fashion Crochet’ includes 30 stylish projects for clothes and accessories inspired by modern catwalk pieces. Each project is laid out with the design it takes its inspiration from and gorgeous fashion sketches.

Fashion Crochet 2The first thing I noticed about this book is how great the variation of projects is, so many knitting/crochet books tend to be filled with things you can only wear in the colder months, but there are things for every season here. Also there are projects for every skill level from beginners (like me!) to intermediate right up to advanced (which even have helpful charts for the most complicated bits!).

Fashion crochet 1

Most of the ideas are very wearable, some are a little more out there, but that’s to be expected from designs inspired by the runway. I quite like them and life is to short to worry about what other people think of your clothes. Although a couple of the dresses are slightly more revealing than I would be comfortable wearing, I think that just by adding a simple jersey/cotton lining they’d make lovely day or evening dresses.

bag fashion crochet

So far I have finish one project from this book, however I’m still learning so it’s riddled with mistakes! Its says a lot about how well drafted the pattern is that it looks like anything even remotely resembling a bag!!

fashion crochetWhen I first received this book I fell in love with the Janis waistcoat design and the granny square cowl, but at the time they both felt a little out of my skill level. I feel a lot more confident now I’ve completed one project, so I’ve already made a start on the Janis waistcoat and hopefully the sun will pop its head out for long enough over the summer so I can wear it!

Fashion crochet 3

It does not include a how to guide to learn the basic crochet stitches (I’d recommend “Chicks with sticks guide to crochet“). However there is a lot of other useful information on more advanced techniques including a brilliant yarn guide and very helpful advice on finishing techniques. Overall I’d say if your looking for a crochet book packed with modern ideas and fashionable clothes you’d feel comfortable wearing then this really fits the bill!

fashion crochet

Fashion Crochet by Claire Montgomerie

Published by Carlton Books – RRP £16.99 – Avaliable here


5 thoughts on “Fashion Crochet – Claire Montgomerie

  1. I love the colours of your bag…….actually thought that was from the book before reading the info below! Well done! Ima knitter and whenever I tryto crochet I just can’t get my head around it!

    • I was totally the same! I’ve been knitting for years, but really wanted to learn crochet, I’ve tried and failed so many times but I hope it’s finally clicked.

      • Well you inspired me and I’ve started crocheting squares to make a blanket from a Mollie Makes Mag! took ages to do the first square ( loose term) I have done two!! only 78 to go!

      • Well done that’s great! I love Mollie makes, the bow on the front of the bag was made with the free kit from this months issue!

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