Crafty Sunday

My weekly craft post to share what I’ve been up to!rosie coat

I started the week by making Rosie this vintage style swing coat, I was making it to sell, but I’ve totally fallen in love with it! It’s not particularly waterproof, but it’s perfect for summer and autumn. I have enough of the same type of fabric in a different print to make another one to sell and now I know how to make it, so it’s not a total loss :/ (I’m going to have to get better at parting with stuff!)


This super hero outfit happened one evening when I picked my daughter up from school to be informed that they were having a superhero picnic the next day and she would need a costume! ugh they really gotta give parents more notice than that! Anyway I couldn’t have her be the only one not dressed up and I couldn’t convince her to be a princess superhero (that’s a thing right!?) so I cut up an old bed sheet my mum gave me and made her a cape and fleece backed mask. Super lily to the rescue!

Lily upcycle skirt

I picked up this mango skirt from the £1 rail at my local RSPCA, the print is just so 70’s and I love the brown and purple together, it had a pulled thread at the front which is probably why no one bought it. It was a really simple refashion I just cut the skirt in half, gathered the bottom section (hiding the pulled thread!) and then reattached to the shortened waistband elastic.


So if you read yesterday’s post you’ll know that my mum brought me back a ton of fabric from Texas where she was visiting friends. It’s all half meters and meters so perfect for clothes for the girls, my niece and nephew and small sewing projects. There is so much I could do a whole post on it! (I won’t though!)


Yesterday I went to the car-boot again on the look out for more retro bed sheets as it really is the cheapest way to buy them and my stash was looking a little bare. I picked up two for a £1 each and what I thought was a vintage brushed cotton baby sheet (£2.50), but actually turned out to be a nightdress! (it’s huge so I can still make a pair of children’s pj’s out of it and maybe even a matching teddy!).


I also scored these great patterns, the style one is from the 40’s and the other two are from the mid sixties at a £1 for all three and this amazing 1942 knitting magazine they were a real bargain!

womens weekly

It’s crazy that so many of these flimsy paper magazines survived the war, its amazing though and full of romantic fiction, once I’ve read it all I’ll do a post on it.


I’d actually gone to the car-boot with the hopes of being able to pic up some 40’s magazines as I’m on a bit of a 40’s kick at the moment inspired by this AMAZING book the lovely people at Carlton books sent me to review. I know I say every book is amazing (honestly it’s only because I only review books I like!) but this one is stunning and the essay at the start is fascinating, anyway proper review to follow soon!


5 thoughts on “Crafty Sunday

  1. I totally love vintage sheets, yours are great finds. I make all my muslins out of bed sheets that I usually end up wearing more than the more expensive fabric makes, go figure.

    • That’s a great Idea to use them as muslins! There are always really ugly ones super cheap and they’d be perfect, although probably not wearable!

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