Me Made May – Round-Up & Ideas for June.


Ok so the last week has been a total fail! I kind of gave up after the last post 😦 At the beginning of the month it was fun and inspiring to find new ways to work with the clothes I’d made or refashioned but by the end it was becoming a chore. I probably still wore something handmade/refashioned everyday, but it just wasn’t fun anymore to photograph and document what I was wearing every single day, I don’t know how the fashion bloggers do it!

MMM Day 8

My favorite outfit from MMM13 – only because I love this vintage cardie!

 I did learn a lot about my wardrobe though, most of my clothes come from only three shops :/ so maybe I need to branch out and shop around a bit more. I also spotted the holes in my wardrobe, I need a lot more plain/simple items (the lure of bright fabrics is just too strong!) and I also probably own too many dresses. Style-wise I’m definitely more 80’s than 50’s which is a shame because I love that look, but it’s just not me. So while I learned a lot about the way I think about clothes and the items I’ve made, I doubt I’ll do it again. I will in future however try to post at least one picture of me wearing the clothes I make as well as on the hanger (not always decapitated either!).

Ideas for June

My boyfriend has been pestering (guilt tripping!) me about never making him anything, so I’m going  to make one piece of  Mens/boys wear every week in June. Not just because he’s been annoying me, but also as a challenge I hope I’ll enjoy and learn from.


This week my mother brought back lots of amazing fabric from Texas (i’ll share it all tomorrow) including some great cowboy prints to make a shirt for my nephew. Boyfriend also wants a shirt and there is a great Burda pattern with the Sewing Vintage Modern book I’ve just managed to borrow again from the digital library. I also want to make something for my brother, I guess it’s all planned out now I just hope I can managed to get it done!


I know I keep saying this but I really want to launch my Esty shop soon, I’ve found a great tutorial here for making your own labels through Spoonflower and there are shops on eBay sell the washing instruction ones super cheap! I just need to muddle through and make more stock, I really don’t want the shop to launch half empty. Also this way if they don’t sell I’ll have enough to set up a stall one weekend at one of the many London craft markets. With this in mind I’m going to do a weekly post on what I manage to turn all the old bedsheets, curtains and tablecloths into, hopefully it’ll also inspire others to think differently about unused textiles.


I have some really great new release craft book reviews in the pipeline for June, I really enjoy making the projects and sharing them with you all! I’m going to try and add some more fashion related books and antiquarian books, I also own loads of rare art books too if you want to see them??


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