Knit Your Own Moustache – Vicky Eames


Knit your own Moustache is the imaginative creation of Vicky Eames, I was really excited about receiving this book as it’s just so different from all the other knitting books available! Included are 20 different designs for disguises (not just moustaches) including animal ears, an eye patch, a blue rinse wig and even a top hat! It’s also packed full of humor and interesting anecdotes/facts making it the perfect coffee table book for friends to dip in and out of.

Knit your own moustache

Although the knits are easy to follow and quick to make I wouldn’t really say this book was for absolute beginners purely because the instructions on how to knit are very basic. But combined with a good ‘how to’ knitting book (I’d recommend Knitty Gritty by Aneeta Patel)  I’m sure even a beginner could manage most of the knits. I haven’t attempted any of the crochet projects yet as I’m still learning, but they seem very simple and straightforward.

Moustache - Rosie

There was no way I could review this book without actually knitting my own moustache! I choose the handlebar, because you just can’t go wrong with a handlebar and don’t you just love Rosie’s ‘don’t mess with me’ face! It was really quick and easy to make, taking under an hour from start to finish as the instructions are very clear.

Loopy Beard

I also decided to make the loopy beard, as I’ve never knitted loops before I thought it would be a good chance to learn. I was a bit worried at first because there are no diagrams on the knitting techniques pages, however the notes on how to knit loops are really clear and I managed to do them first time. They are a little time consuming so the beard was a longer project, I think this may also be down to the textured wool I used being a bit tricky to manipulate. I think it was the perfect choice though as it creates a lovely fluffy texture and of course with two little girls I went for bright pink (I had to model it myself as Lily is staying with her nanny for a couple of days).


Above are the bunny ears which I’m planning on making this evening while catching up on the last few episodes of mad men, aren’t they adorable! Of course I’ll have to make two pairs, but looking through the pattern they seem like a quick knit, I’ll keep you posted with how they turn out.

Vicky Eames who is behind the kitsch patterns in this book works in theater which has no doubt influenced her designs, she has a etsy shop called ‘Wife of Brian‘ where you can buy her knitted creations and a blog of the same name


Knit your Own Moustache by Vicky Eames

Published by Collins & Brown, RRP £9.99, Available on Amazon UK here.


One thought on “Knit Your Own Moustache – Vicky Eames

  1. Pardon? At first I thought you had taken leave of your senses but then I realised that the book contained all sorts of fun little learning exercises and would be an excellent resource for fancy dress costumes. You will have a queue of would-be Santas, all wanting you to make them magnificent, non-itchy beards.

    Rose looks absolutely gorgeous but you’d better watch out for the gender ambiguity. After all, I already have a three year old grandson who likes to wear fairy wings and pink nail polish.

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