One Duvet So Many Possibilities!


There was no crafty Sunday last week mainly because it was the bank holiday and I was just enjoying the sunshine, while it lasted! I’ve haven’t been slacking though and have loads to share this weekend. However I wanted to start a weekly post inspired by some of the great vintage fabric’s I’ve picked up and as a kick up the bum to actually make somethings out of them!  This week is this great 80’s single duvet set I picked up a car boot sale a few weeks ago for £2 (pictured bottom above). I managed to make four pieces of children’s clothes out of it and line a Colette patterns dress!


dressSize 5 – Summer Dress – Based on 70s Pattern

IMAG1982 jumpsuitSize 2 – Jumpsuit – Based on 60’s pattern

IMAG1985 IMAG1989Size 2 – Dress and matching bloomers – Based on 60’s pattern

IMAG1991Colette Patterns – Licorice Dress

I made the girls clothes with intention of adding them to my pile of things to sell on Etsy, they’re based on some of the vintage patterns I picked up earlier this year, but since I’ve modified them slightly I think I should be alright regarding copyrights. (From everything I’ve read about it online apparently legally the pattern companies haven’t got a leg to stand on when it comes to actually reinforcing any copyright claims, but for me it just seems unfair to sell some else’s designs as my own. When I list these I’ll make sure to mention that they are based on original vintage patterns). I also made them a little bigger than my girls are now so if they don’t sell they won’t be wasted!


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