DIY Fashionista – Geneva Vanderzeil


DIY Fashionista encourages you to rejuvenate your wardrobe in new and cost-effective ways, through refashioning items you already own and making low-cost pieces look high-end. The variety of the 40 projects is brilliant there is everything from how to draft your own simple shorts pattern from scratch to updating an old pair of boots with fabric inserts. Throughout the instructions are very easy to follow and each project is given a time frame, so before you even start you’ll know if it’s something you can do quickly before you walk out the door or if it’ll take a couple of evenings. However most of the projects should take under an hour to make, so are perfect for those with busy lives, Geneva even makes the great suggestion of inviting your friends round to a DIY fashion party!

Diy fashionista

Its packed with useful information including lists of the basic equipment you’ll need, where to source items and of course step by step instructions to creating some stunning pieces. This book is the perfect springboard for anyone considering refashioning their wardrobe, it’s even full of inspiration to start thinking up your own projects.

Diy fashionista 3

As I’ve only really refashioned clothes before and never even thought about updating accessories I was really excited about this part of the book. It didn’t disappoint as the 15 projects included are super stylish and wearable! I made two accessories projects, the Cap-toe shoes and Peter Pan Collar necklace.

DIY Projects

To make the necklace I used broken chains I had in my jewellery box and a pair of tweezers, it was really simple and quick to make. The final necklace is really cute and a great way to update a plain top or dress.


While I bought these pink H&M shoes in the sale a couple of weeks ago, but since I haven’t got round to wearing them yet I figured they were ripe for a refashion. I followed the instructions, but added an extra layer of varnish over the paint. They’re cute but I think they need a little extra something, maybe some lace or ribbon across the join?

Shoe refashion

There are a lot more projects I’m planning on attempting once I’ve sourced the right bits and pieces. I especially love this dip dye dress it’s so pretty and simple to do, I’m keeping my eyes peeled for the perfect plain dress. While these glitter straps are going to make me look at sandals shopping this summer in a whole new light. The watch idea is great and I know I have a watch face with a broken strap knocking about somewhere so when I eventually find it I’ll definitely be adding fabric straps!

Diy fashionista projects

Geneva Vanderzeil founded the most amazing and inspiring fashion DIY website called ‘ A pair and a spare‘.  Her projects have been featured in popular fashion magazines and websites including Harper’s Bazaar, Vogue and Cosmopolitan.

DIY FAshionista

DIY Fashionista by Geneva Vanderzeil

Published by Carlton Books Ltd, RRP £16.99 , Available on Amazon UK here


5 thoughts on “DIY Fashionista – Geneva Vanderzeil

  1. Oh wow sounds like an awesome book and you wrote a great review! I love the idea of a DIY fashion party as that way not only would their be help available for techniques we could also get ideas as we are customizing so we don’t change our minds later after deciding a different change would have been better lol.

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