Girls Night In – Hannah Read-Baldrey


‘Girls Night In’ by Hannah Read-Baldrey contains all the ideas you’ll ever need for a great girls night in! It starts with some stunning decorations and really helpful planning advice. Then there are party games, interesting craft projects, fun beauty tips, yummy recipes and crazy cocktails. It really is like five great books in one!

girls night in 2

Whether your planning a huge blow celebration or a quiet night in, this book is jam packed with ideas and helpful tips. Including quirky popcorn recipes,  invigorating (all natural) face-masks,  film and music suggestions and of course some seriously delicious looking cakes!

Girls night in

Although the theme of this book is a girly party, it’s really versatile and there are lots of amazing craft projects which I’m just going to make for myself! Starting with the stunning fabric covered shoes (pictured above – bottom right), I’m still on the look out for a perfect plain pair to jazz up. I was half tempted to have a little girls night in with just Lily but at four she’s still a little young, I’m sure we’ll get a lot of use out of this book when she’s older though, I know I wish I’d had it for teenage sleepovers (minus the cocktails of course!).


If you haven’t guessed already I love this book! There really is something for everyone. I especially liked the beauty section and tried out two of the nail art ideas, they were really simple to follow and I’m usually rubbish at this sort of thing!

girls night out 2

My besties live all over London so arranging a girls night in can be a little awkward, but since we were having a girls night out I thought I’d get them involved in trying out some of the ideas from the book. I made up the photo booth props, which was so easy with the helpful templates at the back of the book. We had a real laugh pulling funny faces and the photos are so much better then the usual drunken pics we normally end up with, it was so much fun even the bar tender gave it a go!

food photo booth

I made them a cupcake in a jar each to take home, I went for lemon cake instead of strawberry and butter-cream instead of fresh purely because I wanted something that didn’t need refrigerating (And yes I cheated with Betty Crocker!) . Magda eat hers the morning after, not exactly my idea of a hangover cure! The ones in the book definitely looked a whole lot yummier than mine (even adding smarties didn’t help!). I’ll be making them again though as the strawberry ones would make a perfect picnic treat for my little girls.


To be honest when I first received this book I read it cover to cover and although I literally fell in love with it straight away I wasn’t really convinced that a girls night in like this was the sort of thing I’d do with my friends. But now I’ve showed it to them we all can’t wait to plan something! They really want to learn to make their own nickers, little dolls of each other and try out the giant titanic cocktail, while I just want to sing along with the fantastic playlist (available on Hannah’s site) in the comfort of my own home .

Girls night in

Hannah Read-Baldrey is a stylist and author who co wrote ‘Everything Alice‘ and ‘Everything Oz‘ (two books which have been my wishlist forever!) she also writes an amazing blog called ‘Couture Craft‘.timthumb

‘Girls Night In’ by Hannah Read-Baldrey

Published by Quadrille, RRP £16.99, Available from Amazon uk here

2 thoughts on “Girls Night In – Hannah Read-Baldrey

  1. It’s “Knickers”, Grace, but otherwise you’ve convinced me. I’ve “Amazoned” a copy to Izzy as a late birthday present.

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