Crafty Sunday

Knitted collar

Last week I’d made loads of plans of all things I wanted to make this week, but when Monday rolled around my cold was just too much and I felt totally exhausted! So I spent the beginning of the week just slowly knitting the above collar pattern from ‘Knitting Vintage‘ by Claire Montgomerie. It took a few tries to get right, but that was more because I wasn’t following the instructions properly! I think it’s cute and I love this coral coloured wool so much, but it just isn’t me I’ll probably end up adding it to something for the girls.

Dress designs

I’ve been sketching out some dress designs and summer clothes ideas for the girls, prompted by the fact that I keep getting great ideas as I’m falling off to sleep and then forgetting about them for days!

Kids designs

Yellow gingham dress

I’ve already made a start on making one of my designs into a cute yellow gingham dress, the only modification I’ve made so far is to add some welt pockets. It was the perfect excuse to finally use Margaret Butler’s Clothes book, its packed full of useful tutorials, although I’m going to have practice some more as mine are a little scruffy.


I recieved two new books this week for review from Collins & Brown Knit your own mustache by Vicky Eames and Pattern Cutting  made easy by Gillian Holman. I can’t wait to knit my brother and sister in law some fun treats and there are some really cute animal ears that the girls will love! While I’m pretty sure Pattern cutting made easy is going to completely change the way I think about making clothes, it literally opens up infinite possibilities!


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