Crafty Sunday

Sorry there was no crafty Sunday last week, but I hadn’t made much so at the time it seemed a bit pointless, but now I’ve got loads to post so maybe I should have done!


Anyway I spent most of the week doing embroidery trying out the projects from ‘Little Sew And Sew’ by Christine Leech, I really loved it and you can read my review here.

Colette - Licorice

Yesterday evening while my boyfriend was watching Avatar for like the hundredth time, I made a start on the ‘Licorice’ dress from Sarai Mitnick’s ‘Colette Sewing Handbook‘. I cut the pattern pieces ages ago, but I’ve just not been motivated to actually sew it together probably because I wasn’t sure if it was my style and now that it’s almost finished I’m still not sure. I haven’t made any major modifications to the pattern, but I left out the zip as I found I could get it on and off just fine without it, all that’s left is to add the elastic to the arms and sew together the matching belt. There are some really cute variations and modifications of this dress on flickr and I really wish I’d seen these before I started sewing mine!


A little while ago I also made the ‘Meringue Skirt’ also from ‘The Colette Sewing Handbook’ I haven’t really found anything to go with it yet, but you can see a picture of me wearing it in my last ‘Me Made May‘ post. I love the bright colours, but the inside waist facing starts bunching when I’ve been wearing it for a little while so I’m going to have to hand stitch it down. I think maybe this is down to the interfacing I used?



Yesterday my mum took me to the ‘Wimbledon Sewing Machine‘ shop, I haven’t been in there for about ten years but it’s just as I remember it, the staff were really friendly and there is a brilliant haberdashery. My mum treated me to a load of fabric and sewing bits, I think the boat fabric is just perfect for little girly summer dresses.

Boot sale

I also went to the car boot yesterday which wasn’t great for my stash-busting! I bought two pillowcases and a dress pattern, the women I bought the pillowcases from had loads of beautiful vintage bedding, but unfortunately she wanted an awful lot of money for them. I also picked up these cute wicker picnic baskets to store fabric in, at £6 for the pair they were a real bargain!

Head scarf

This isn’t really craft related but I bought this beautiful scarf at my local charity shop for £1.5o and when I got home and googled Jacqmar I found out how collectible they are. There are so many beautiful ones available on Ebay and they’re just the right size to use as hair ties, I’m seeing a new obsession coming along!

fashion crochet-diy fashionista

Lastly I just wanted to quickly share two books which the lovely people at Carlton books have been kind enough to send me for review, they haven’t arrived yet but I’m excited to see what they’re like! I already have ‘Knitting Vintage‘ by Claire Montgomerie (I’m still knitting my way through a cardigan pattern!) and I really like the variation of projects so I hope ‘Fashion Crochet‘ is just as good. ‘Diy fashionista‘ is by Geneva Vanderzeil who has the most amazing website called ‘a pair and a spare‘ where she shares really easy ways to update clothes and accessories.


4 thoughts on “Crafty Sunday

  1. Jacqmar. Yes, it was one of my Mum’s (your grandma’s) favourite brands in the sixties. She liked to wear smart, tailored suits for work and this brand made for perfect accessories. The French designer silk squares were absurdly overpriced even then.

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