Little Sew And Sew – Christine Leech


Little Sew and Sew is a collecting of stunning practical embroidery ideas by Christine Leech, the designs are wonderfully kitsch and modern. Inside are 16 set projects, but with over 50 embroidery designs it’s definitely a book to come back to when looking for inspiration. At the start of the book Christine clearly explains how interchangeable the patterns are, for example the elephant cushion design could easily be embroidered onto a tote bag or just elements of a design could be used. So maybe a top like the one on the cover could be made with the sheep from the pillow case pattern to make a cute pajama top.

Little Sew And Sew

The great thing about this book is how clear the instructions on how to embroider all the stitches are, they are clearly laid out throughout the book and referred back to whenever used, if your a novice then all the help you need to get started is there. I haven’t done embroidery in quite a while and it was really helpful to read back over these guides, especially for french knots! I also love how useful the projects are, with two under fives I can never have to many seat cushions (grubby fingers!) and storage boxes (too many toys!).

Little Sew And Sew Top

I’ve made two projects from the book this week, the babydoll top on cover and the kissing kids bag. I altered the top by adding spotted fabric to the band and straps (which I made wider) and by using all different colours of floss. I love the finished top, especially the back detail where one side sits over the other rather than having a center seam. I think I still prefer the original to mine so when I’ve finished stash busting I’m definitely going to make it again. On the stash-busting front, I used all my left over embroidery floss on these two projects and all the fabric comes out of my stash, the top is actually made from a pillowcase!


I started off making the bag for myself, but really I should have used darker floss or a lighter fabric as the design doesn’t stand out as much as it should. So I added lily’s name below the picture and turned it into a simple rucksack to hang on her peg at nursery (she REALLY loves it!).


This pillow case is my favorite project from the whole book and I really want to make one for Rosie with her name embroidered in the middle, there are some amazing letter fonts at the back of the book and I know it’ll become something she’ll treasure for a long time.

I’ve really enjoyed reviewing this book, there is something so relaxing about embroidery and if you’ve never tried it’s something I’d definitely recommend. The end result is always so beautiful and adds an instant mark of quality to a piece, it’s really inspired me to try and add more hand sewn details to my projects.

Christine is a life long crafter who’s works within the creative side of publishing, she writes the most stunning blog over at Sew Yeah where you can check out  her other projects and some great free tutorials!

little sew and sew 1

Published by Quadrille, RRP £12.99, Avaliable here from Amazon


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    • Thanks Magda!! You guys better expect loads of crafty gifts next weekend as I’m reviewing another book ‘girls night in’ and its filled with girly presents!

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