Me Made May – Week One

My first week of me made may has just finished, for anyone that doesn’t know it’s a month long challenge set by Zoe over at ‘So zo.. What do you know‘ to actually wear the clothes you make, I decided to wear something handmade/refashioned every day. You can check out the photo’s of what I wore all week below. I’ve learnt a lot about myself this week, probably more from the act of taking photographs of myself everyday! The first thing is that I need to start making things other than dresses, as much as I love wearing them I’ve been craving jeans and flip flops! Secondly I need to make more effort with my hair and I’m not 100% sold on the fringe I cut it so I could grow out my eyebrows, but now they’re back to normal I’m not sure if I want to keep it. Lastly I put on quite a lot of weight over the winter and although I usually lose it over the summer it can’t be right to yo-yo up and down so much each year!  (I know the last two aren’t really related to sewing but they’ve been really bugging me!)

DAY 2Day 2 - MMM

Cardigan – New Look

Dress – Refashion

Belt – H&M

Necklace/Hairband – Primark



Day 3 - MMM

Dress – Refashion

Necklace – Accessorize

Leggings – Uniqlo



Day 4 - MMM

Dress – Handmade

Belt – Accessorize



day 5

Dress – Handmade

Cardigan – Vintage C&A



day 6

(I didn’t actually wear this out, but I wore it home for a bit so that counts right?)

Skirt – Handmade (Colette Sewing Handbook –  Meringue skirt )

Cardigan – H&M

T-shirt – Primark



day 7

Cardigan – Handknit

Dress – H&M


I’m loving checking out what other people are wearing on flickr (even though I’m not the best at uploading everyday!) it’s great to see so many others inspired by this challenge.

Oh I almost forgot! I’m still stash-busting and haven’t bought anything crafty all week, although I’ve sorely tempted as I’ve been doing a lot of embroidery and my selection of floss isn’t great, but I’m going to try and stick with it!


6 thoughts on “Me Made May – Week One

  1. You look wonderful! Stop being hard on yourself! I love all your outfits you’ve done a fab job! I love the pattern on day 6! Can’t wait to see next weeks outfits. Xxx

  2. wonderful ensembles! and i like that you both sport the fringe and pull it back for a variation on a theme. well don! can’t wait to see next week’s selections.

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