Cath kidston – Coming Up Roses


I always thought Cath Kidston’s story was a riches to riches to story, you know the sort where there is heavy investment by affluent parents throughout. However I couldn’t have been more wrong she worked incredibly hard to build her company into the worldwide brand it is today. Starting off in the industry as a interiors designers assistant slowly building up her own reputation within the field and earning the money to start her own enterprise. Having those links within the field proved invaluable in her early years when promoting the brand would have been incredibly difficult almost impossible without a marketing budget. Anyway I think I’ve given away to much already, it’s a fascinating read!


She is very generous with the content of this book, giving the step by step process of how the brand got where it is today. I was temped to describe it as a ‘how to guide’ and I suppose in a general sense it is. Although a lot of the ‘fortunate’ things which happened to her came down to good timing, there is no reason why someone with a great idea now couldn’t capitalize on the same sort of things. For example she was informed enough to open her first shop in an up and com ping area where rents were relatively low, but there are places like that now dotted all over London, including  Brixton and Shoreditch, just to name a few.


Although this book has all the characteristics of a coffee table book, the large print easy to dip in and out of text, the beautiful full page glossy images and pretty CK print cover it’s worth it’s weight in gold to anyone looking to open a craft business. I honestly found it hard to put down and read the whole book in a afternoon.


Coming up roses by Cath Kidston with Sue Chidler

Published by Quadrille , rrp £16.00 , available on amazon here.


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