Me – Made – May ‘ 13


A little while ago I signed up for Me-Made-May hosted by Zoe over at ‘So, Zo.. What Do You Know?’. The whole idea is set your self a challenge to actually wear the clothes you make, whether it be once a week or everyday, or even to wear just things you’ve made for a whole month. I decided to go for one item of handmade/refashioned clothing everyday, I’m hoping it’ll prove to me that I actually do have a lot of clothes so shouldn’t always open my draws and say the inevitable “I haven’t got anything to wear today!”. I’m going to try really hard not to repeat whole outfits, but I’m probably going to have to repeat garments.

So below is my first outfit, I’m pre-warning you now that as a full time mum they’re all going to be pretty casual.


Dress: Handmade – Refashion

Cardigan: Primark

Necklace: Ebay

Belt: New Look

Me made may

I tried to take snazzy outdoor pictures on my balcony but it was too sunny and one of my neighbors was watching but as she was still in her nighty at 11am I think we’re pretty even (Not judging I often have pj days too!). My hair is also acting up today, I really want to just get it all chopped off! Lol this is why I don’t post pictures of myself much as I spend way to much time over-analysing them!

Anyway although this isn’t really related to Me Made May I thought I’d tag it along with this post as its another challenge I’m setting my self for May. I’m doing a stash buster and not buying anymore crafty bits, I really need to concentrate on working my way through the piles of stuff I’ve already got!

I’m really excited about seeing everyone else’s outfits this month, you can check them out too on the flick group here. I’m going to do a weekly post showing what I’ve been wearing and how I’m managing on the dreaded stash busting!


3 thoughts on “Me – Made – May ‘ 13

  1. great dress, great may project! looking forward to seeing what you come up with over the next 4 weeks!

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