Car Boot Swag

A couple of weekends ago we all headed to Wimbledon car boot, it’s huge and thankfully the sun was shining so I could have a proper look round. There was a lot of junk, but also a lot of treasure I saw at least four vintage Pyrex bowls all very cheap compared to online prices (£2-£6), but terry wouldn’t let me buy one as they were all grubby (at times like that I wish I’d gone alone! lol).


So this bit is really image heavy! I bought this sewing box for £10 (the guy wanted £12 for the empty box, yeah right!) with all it’s contents as you can see from the picture above it was filthy, I’m guessing it had been in someone’s shed/garage for quite a while. It took ages to clean all the bits and I can’t believe how well the cotton reels came out after just a long soak in soapy water! I had to chuck a few bits away that were just beyond salvageable, the elastic below has died but I just don’t have the heart to throw it away. I use to own a box just like this but a little bigger and few weeks ago I mention in Friday Favorites Post that I really wanted another one so it was a great find! I love the randomness of some of the things stored in this sewing box, I’m a bit like that to, always hiding little bits and bobs from the girls in mine!

pagepage3 page2 page4 page5 page6 page7


I also picked up all these cute textiles to refashion into something else. There is a handmade single duvet cover with matching pillowcase (bottom pic) which was £2 and a lovely floral tablecloth with lacy trim at £1 (the guy was really nice and gave me the yellow floral one for free!).IMAG1522

I also got this little rag book for 50p. I didn’t spot the Golliwog at the time, I don’t really remember them being around when I was growing up so I can’t comment on the whole racism aspect, but I’m not one for owning things like this. So i’m not quite sure what I’m going to do with it now, but it’ll probably end up going to a charity shop (I’ve taken it to the charity shop since writing this post).


Last weekend we took a stroll to Battersea car boot which seems to have a lot younger crowd, there were quite a few proper dedicated vintage stalls. I went on the lookout for a nice tin to keep my ribbons in, but someone piped me to one I really liked and even more devastatingly it happened again with a vintage Tin Tin duvet set priced at £2!! I did manage to snag this lovely 80’s st Micheal’s knitting set for £2, it includes two sets of needles, wool, a stitch counter, a label, measuring tape, the pattern and a sewing needle.

IMAG1500lastly I bought these vintage trims there was a whole box of them and the women wanted £2 each, it was a real struggle to get the price down to £3 for both which is still more than I wanted to pay (yes I’m cheap!)


5 thoughts on “Car Boot Swag

  1. What great finds! I was hoping to come upon some vintage rick rack for the apron I’m making, but ended up having to buy it new. I’ve got one of those sewing boxes too!

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