Antiquarian Ballet Books


These books belong to my mother, I’m not sure how they’ve ended up in my possession,  but I’ve  had them for years and of course she’s more than welcome to them back whenever she likes. Anyway they’re not really antiquarian as I think that only classes books over 100 years old, but as these date to the 40’s they’re hardly modern! The first one is all about ballerina Anna Pavlova and is filled with the most amazing pictures of her in full costume. It’s also signed by the author with a dedication to my great grandmother in the front, didn’t people use to have such lovely handwriting? Even though it’s really short I’ve only skim read it, but its beautifully written by someone who was obviously enamored by her.

Anna Pavlova - Beaumont

The other book is a quick historical overview of  the English ballet and includes some lovely illustrations and classic photographs. I haven’t read this one as in general I’m not the biggest ballet fan (except of course Matthew Bourne!)  but the pictures are lovely and if someone had the inclination to cut it up the plates would look great framed. I just found out it’s very cheap to buy on amazon so I would guess it had quite a large print run.

The English ballet Turner


4 thoughts on “Antiquarian Ballet Books

    • I wouldn’t do it with either of these because of the family link (also they’re not really mine). But once you know there are so many copies of a book out there that people are selling it for a £1 you really don’t have to feel bad about cutting it up.

  1. Wow – they are so pretty! An old book always has this incredible feeling to it, especially if someone’s left their mark on it. It’s lovely to own a book that once belonged to a person you love, but even if you never knew the previous owner, it’s fun trying to guess where they got the book and if they liked it. 🙂

    • So true! Most of my old books have some sort of inscription and I love trying to guess who gave it to them and why it’s ended up being given away.

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