The London Original Print Fair


Yesterday me and Rosie took the bus into town to check out the ‘London Original Print Fair‘ and it was packed! I’m guessing that’s probably because it was late opening, but there seemed to be just as many stall holders as visitors.

Really this show is aimed at investors wishing to make contacts and purchase art. However there are a lot of great prints by classic artists included a couple by Paul Nash (one of my favorite painters) which once bought by a private collector may not be on public show again. There are no plaques on the walls contextualising the work so either you get it or you don’t, sometimes it’s nice just to come to your own conclusions about things, after all art is meant to be subjective.

Anyway here are a few contemporary pieces which I thought stood out:


Joe Webb Daydream Series, Silkscreen, 2013


Louise Bourgeois – Twosome, Drypoint, 2005

helter skelter.

Magne F – Helter Skelter, Woodcut, 2013


Gary Ratushniak, Umbrellas, Linocut, 1996


Sir Peter Blake, Found Art – Buttons, Digitial Silk Screen, 2012


Harland Miller, This Is Where Its Fuckin’ At, At Least It Used To Be, Silkscreen, 2013

I had to rush round the exhibition, but there is an awful lot to see so I probably missed out on some other great works. I wish the RA would let you take photo’s so I could look back over them and check for things I missed out on! I’ve been told off in there a couple of times before for snapping pics so I didn’t risk it.

The fair only has a short run at the Royal Academy finishing at 5 pm on Sunday 28th April. But if you can’t make it you can view the catalog for free here, once you get past the selling spiel it’s actually quite a good quick summary of the show.


6 thoughts on “The London Original Print Fair

  1. what a great experience and beautiful art. i literally laughed out loud at the penguin books art. so great. thanks for sharing!

  2. When I went, also yesterday, around 1pm, it wasn’t that packed!
    Also I was allowed to take photos in there yesterday! Art fairs usually allow it, but always ask 🙂

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