Friday Favourites


Ok so I’m not going to pretend it’s summer yet just because we had a bit of sun yesterday, but there’s no harm in being prepared! Every summer I go on the hunt for the perfect maxi dress and have yet to find one.  All I want is one which looks casual enough to wear with sandals on trips to the park or to nip to the shops (without worrying about a boob popping out!). Everyone I’ve tried I always look like I’m about to go to the beach or a fancy party. Recently I’ve spotted quite a few lovely ones in New Look and they are all so reasonably priced (all of the dresses above are priced between £20-£35) , I think I’m going to snatch a child free afternoon next week to take over a changing room!


For the past few weeks Kate over at Scathingly Brilliant has been doing the most amazing Disney inspired outfit posts to celebrate going on a trip to Disney world. It really puts a smile on my face to see her lovely outfits in my inbox, if you haven’t already you have to check out her blog.

mad men

I’ve been catching up on Season 6 of Mad Men this week and it’s just as good as always! I do however wish they’d make Betty look normal again, it just seems odd to have her in that fat suit all the time. I’m glad Joan got more screen time in the last episode as well, I wish her and roger would just get together already! lol.

Mini Ice Cream Inspired Chocolates - Corenetto, Magnum and Mini Milk

(not my picture : original source)

Has anyone else tried the new ice-cream inspired chocolate bars? I’ve treated myself to one the last couple of times I’ve done the big weekly shop at Asda and they’re really yummy! Next time I’m going to try the mini milk one!


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