Great British Sewing Bee Final

sewing bee sandra3

I managed to catch up with final of The Great British Sewing Bee last night (got to love BBC iPlayer, can anyone else remember setting the VCR when they knew they were going to miss something?!). I want to start by saying I’m glad Ann won, but it was also such a shame that Lauren let the pressure get to her. Her final dress was stunning and if only she’d had more time to perfect it I’m sure she would’ve won. I can’t help feeling that its a bit unfair to penalize her for being over ambitious, but I suppose time management was a key component in the competition.


Ann’s final dress was lovely and it’s unbelievable that she achieved such a beautiful finish in so short a time. It just goes to show how important all the steps before actual sewing are, especially when it comes to pattern matching. Ann’s skills stood out from the start and although its nice to get behind the underdog, after the way she excelled in the final it would have undermined the whole competition if she hadn’t won.

Ann Great British sewing BEe1

Sandra’s final dress was pretty too, but despite what the judge’s said I think the fit in the bodice was noticeably out and the bunched seam on the bum would need to be redone. Saying that her invisible zipper was seriously amazing!

sandra great british sewing bee

I know I said last week that I wasn’t going to but I’ve just filled out my application for the next series, here is a link if anyone else is interested in applying!

Apply to be on The Great British Sewing Bee 

And by the way you can check out Tilly from the shows great blog called ‘Tilly and the Buttons’ here.


6 thoughts on “Great British Sewing Bee Final

    • Yes! I know we had project runway over here a while ago, but I’m not sure if it’s still running… I think sewing bee is a lot less design focused though as they had to make up a lot of set patterns.

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