Crafty Tuesday

Things have been a bit hectic these past few days so it’s a crafty Tuesday this week!


Last week I was and still am knitting away at a new cardigan pattern from Knitting Vintage by Claire Montgomerie, so far I’ve finished the back which always seems like an achievement as it’s the biggest part!


I’ve started making some children’s clothes from my massive fabric to be recycled stash, but I’ll do a post about them when I’m closer to actually opening an etsy shop! Above is a refashion I’m right in the middle of at the moment, I bought the dress on the left from ebay and it was described as a size 16-18, but when it arrived it was huuuuge! Probably more of a 22-24, there was just so much fabric, I think its handmade from the early 80s/late 70s? Anyway the fit was way out, I guess I could have taken it in everywhere, but then I remembered the above modcloth dress I’d pinned a few weeks ago and knew this would be a perfect refashion. All the fabric is cut ready so hopefully I’ll post the finished dress on Sunday.


I ordered these vintage knitting magazines off of ebay a little while ago and they finally arrived on Saturday  I think I’ve been a little bit of an ebay addict lately both selling and buying! Anyway these are so lovey and the patterns are all simple styles.

IMAG1320-tileI picked up these cute patterns at my local rspca charity shop, they have a basket full of patterns all priced at 10p each. I really love the bottom two, the girls would look so cute in these!


Last week when the sun was shining Rosie and I took a stroll to Battersea and Lavender Hill to visit the fabric shop and wool shop, I picked up 3 meter’s of yellow gingham and I’m in the process of designing the most summery dress imaginable! The wool is to finish off the bolero cardigan I started in January and ran out of wool for twice!! I also picked up a copy of Burda magazine from my local whsmiths, I’ve never bought it before so fingers crossed the patterns are easy to follow. In fact I sent one of the patterns off to a friend who wants to make some high waisted shorts, hopefully she’ll let me share a picture when she’s finished!


Lastly I’ve signed up for My Me Made May hosted by ‘So Zo… what do you know‘ and pledged to wear something hand made/refashioned every day in May. I’ll post a weekly update post with how I’m getting on.


3 thoughts on “Crafty Tuesday

  1. i wish i could go shopping at a place called lavender hill!!! the sundress inspiration is adorable. i can’t wait to see what creative wears you come up with for may!

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