Friday Favourites


(it’s the tiny blue shop in the middle, I wish I’d taken my own photo!!!)

I found the most amazing shop this week! Honor Parry in Battersea is like taking a wonderful step back in time, its the most amazing craft shop I’ve ever been in, the walls are literally floor to ceiling covered in wool. There is a large old fashion counter around half the room, behind which stands a hive of knitting know how in the form of the wonderful shop owner who was incredibly helpful. I literally want to go back there just to ask her questions!


I’m so glad to see Lucy Worsley back on my telly! I’m loving her new BBC 2 show ‘Fit to Rule: How Royal Illness Changed History. Although I’ve read about much of it before, she is very charismatic and has a wonderfully different approach to history. You can catch up on BBC iPlayer here.


One of my lovely friends managed to blag me a free ticket to the London Original print fair which runs from the 25th- 28th April at the Royal Academy. I’m excited to check out whats going on in the world of printmaking as I’m still having etching withdrawal symptoms, can’t wait until the girls are a bit older and I can sneak off to one of the open printmaking studios dotted around London!


Recently I’ve been picking up some cheap 80s dresses off of Ebay, most of them need some alterations, but the fabrics are great and I know I’ll end up with something no one else has. Does anyone else get an odd feeling when you see someone walking around in something you also own? My daughter got a bit freaked out last year when one of her teachers was wearing the same cardigan as me, I haven’t really worn it since, but mostly because it was from Primark and has pretty much fallen apart in the wash 😦


Lastly Allie a freelancer from Triactol got in touch with me a few weeks ago about sharing a graphic she’d made. I wasn’t to sure at first as it isn’t really what I generally blog about, but I’ve always been a sucker for a flow chart where you answer questions and undoubtedly get told something about you already knew about yourself! Generally I’m not really one for saying that people can’t wear a style of clothing because of their body shape, but you can’t get away from the fact that certain shapes just suit certain clothes.

Triactol-Flowchart-Final1 (1)


Image curtasy of Allie via TRIACOL


5 thoughts on “Friday Favourites

  1. i love the second set of dresses!! are you going to fix them or do they already fit you? plus i love how the blue little shop stands out so colorfully amidst the rest.

    • The shop is seriously amazing, I must have gone past it on the bus like a hundred times, I’m so glad I finally went in! All the dresses have little problems, like the green one has massive shoulder pads and is a proper frumpy length! I’ll try do a post when they’re all altered.

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