And Sew To Bed – Vanessa Mooncie


‘And Sew To Bed’ by Vanessa Mooncie is simply stunning, it’s pages are filled with vintage inspired projects to make your bedroom (I should really say boudoir!) an elegant sanctuary. I literally want to make everything in this book which is so rare with craft books! It’s well laid out, with clear concise instructions and the most beautiful pattern sheets I’ve ever seen! Each pattern piece has a lovely illustration of the garment making finding them very easy, also there aren’t too many squeezed onto one side of paper.

And Sew To Bed

The variation of projects is brilliant and includes many I’ve never seen before, I especially love the idea of making hosiery bags out of vintage hankies/embroidered textiles, mine are just slung in a tie draw at the moment, but I can imagine how pretty it would look filled with these instead. While the frilly dressing grown has real classic glamour and even though my other half with probably laugh at me lounging around our inner city flat dolled up to the nines ready for bed I’m definitely going to make myself one! We all deserve to feel pampered once in a while and that’s what’s so appealing about this book, it’s full of little treats you can make to spoil yourself.

And Sew To Bed Cushion

I’ve made two projects from this book so far, I intended to buy some lovely new fabrics probably a soft silk dupion for the cushion and a lovely broderie angalise for the nightdress. However I just didn’t have the money after my laptop broke, so I had to make do and mend, in fact there is a great page near the back of the book encouraging you to do just that! The gold round cushion above started life as an old curtain my mother gave me a few months ago. While the nightdress (below) is more of a top made from a lovely light cotton from my fabric stash. I wear more pajamas than nightdresses so this actually worked out quite well. I love them both and I know next time they’ll be even more perfect, in fact I’m definitely going to make another circle cushion soon as it’ll make a perfect present for my grandmother. They were both very easy to follow and I used the tutorials at the back of the book to make bias binding (something I haven’t done in years!) and to make the covered buttons.

And Sew To Bed Nightdress 1

If your looking for a book which isn’t just a lovely coffee table book, but actually filled with things you’ll want to make and cherish then this is it. Inside are 20 projects, including a full set of pajamas, a powder puff, slippers and a gorgeous yet simple lingerie set.

And Sew To Bed Patterns

‘And Sew To Bed’ by Vanessa Mooncie is pubished by GMC and retails for £17.99,  you can buy a copy here from amazon uk.


3 thoughts on “And Sew To Bed – Vanessa Mooncie

  1. like your sewing projects 🙂 i keep buying fabric and stuff, but then have no sewing machine… a bit pointless, uh? that’s just me, i can’t resist a nice fabric or interesting pattern

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