Great British Sewing Bee`


I’m back! I collected my laptop from the repair shop today £79 worst off, kids and electrical’s just don’t mix! Anyway I’m loving The Great British Sewing Bee!

Ann is definitely my favorite,  her skills are outstanding and she has a classic style which I think should be embraced more, after all everything she’s created so far has been timelessly elegant. I love the others as well, Stuart is lovely and I find his winging it approach very endearing however I’m glad he didn’t make it to the final as Lauren and Sandra really deserve a place.

Sewing bee

A lot of the fabrics they use in the show are supplied by my local fabric shop in Lavender Hill ‘Fabric’s Galore‘ and today I spotted quite a few I’ve used before to make clothes for the girls, it’s always great to see how different the end garment can be using the same fabric. I first found out about the show though their Facebook page a couple of months ago and I was kicking myself for not being able to apply, but now I’ve watched it I don’t think it would suit my relaxed sewing style. I get super stressed working to deadlines so I’ve got so much admiration for how well they all work under pressure! Also it would really get on my nerves not to be able to do the standard of hand finishing I’m used too which usually takes me hours!


I can’t wait for the final next week and I hope Ann wins although I’m pretty sure it’s going to be Lauren. If you want to catch up before then all the previous episodes are available to watch on BBC iPlayer.




5 thoughts on “Great British Sewing Bee`

  1. It’s great to have some sewing on TV isn’t it?
    I agree that Ann seems to be the obvious winner, but think Lauren might pip her to the post just cos she seems to have a bit more creative flair.

    • It is great and I hope it continues to get better like the Great British Bake off has. Lauren is very talented and I’d be very surprised if she doesn’t win.

  2. I wish I could watch this show! Not available in the US, even by following your link (audio version only at this point). I’ll have to wait, sounds like a great idea for a show.

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