Very Belated Friday Favourites

sailor tile

1. Nautical Print 50s Beach Dress – Asos

2. 80’s Dress – French Navy Vintage (Etsy)

3. Book Club Cutie Dress – Modcloth

4. 80’s Dress – Ebay

5. Flower Shadow Dress – Orla Kiely

6. Vintage Butterick’s Pattern (8391) – Etsy

I’m jumping on the nautical bandwagon this week! Everywhere I look there seems to be anchors  deep blues and sailor collars. I’ve always loved a sailor collar they really remind me of all the 80s party dresses I had when I was little.


Recently I watched an interesting documentary on BBC Four called ‘How to be a lady: An elegant history of womanhood’  presented by Rachel Johnson who is not only Boris Johnson’s sister but works at ‘The Lady’ magazine which has been publishing for well over 100 years. Over the course of this hour long program Johnson goes on a lively exploration of what it’s meant to be a lady throughout history and how these ideals effect us now. The most intriguing part was a quick interview with a feminist who insists that we must take back the word and use it to exemplify everything that is great about modern womanhood.


This week I’ve been living in these Primark PJ bottoms, they are sooo comfy and cute. I’m definitely heading back to buy another pair next week, they have loads of lovely Cath Kidston style prints in at the moment and for £5-6 a pair you really can’t go wrong!


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