Crafty Sunday – Week Twelve

Happy Easter everyone!! Today has been a little hectic, so sorry but this weeks post is going to be a short and image heavy.


(Sorry about poor quality iPhone photo)

I finished my pink bolero cardigan and because it’s lovely and warm I’ve already worn it twice!


I’ve made a start on this vintage american 70’s shirt-dress pattern, there is still quite a lot left to do, but so far so good.



As Terry is always complaining that I never make him anything, I knitted him a hat. It’s based on the above pattern from Knit now magazine, he’s worn it once so far but I think it might be a bit girly for him.


This week I headed to tooting market and picked up a few zips, some cotton and 3 meters of summer floral fabric to make a dress for only £2 a meter. I haven’t finished last weeks simplicity dress, but there isn’t much left to do so it will definitely be in next weeks post.

Sorry about the short post I will do better next week!


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