Friday Favourites

gingham yellow

1. Retro Tattoo Pillow – Dollydrip

2. Vans Sunglasses – (sold out)

3. 60s Sundress – Simplicity is bliss

4. Gingham shirtdress – Boden

5. 60’s Floral Dress – Swedish Heritage

This week I am well and truly sick of the cold! Bring on spring already! In lue of this I’ve fallen in love with yellow gingham, I just want to surround myself in it’s happy glow, I could also quite happily add a few daffodils and daises too!


This book is top of my wishlist at the moment, ‘And Sew To Bed‘ by Vanessa Mooncie who was the genius behind the amazing ‘Animal Hats‘ knitting pattern book. ‘And Sew To Bed’ looks packed full of lovely idea’s and refashions for clothes and accessories, best of all it has a proper pattern sheet so no struggling to enlarge scanned images!


All available on

Longing for summer I’ve been keeping a look out on eBay for some cute vintage/vintage inspired dresses for the girls, in general there seems to be a lot less than adults clothes, no doubt because even 50 years ago kids were messy so and so’s!


It’s Easter holiday’s for Lily over the next two weeks, but I’m hoping I can slip off for a bit on my own to go and visit Kaffe Fassett show ‘A life in colour’ at the Fashion and textile museum. It looks amazing and is his first show in london since 1988!


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