Yoshiko Tsukiori – Stylish Dress Book Review


Stylish Dress Book is the first of a series of book’s by Japanese designer Yoshiko Tsukiori, I first came across it through images people had shared on pintrest and couldn’t wait to buy a copy. Inside are 26 patterns for a mixture of dresses and tops. The patterns are all timeless in style, by this I guess I mean they’d suit a twenty year old equally as well as a fifty year old and also that the designs won’t really go out of fashion. Included with the book are the pattern sheets, now if you haven’t seen a Japanese pattern sheet before they are quite a daunting site, the pieces for all 26 designs are crammed onto both sides of three large pieces of paper. It took me a long time to copy out my pattern pieces for both of the two dresses I made, mainly because you have to be so careful not to trace the wrong lines or pattern notes.




Above is Dress E, I loved this design as soon as I saw it, the pleats on the front are just a lovely detail. Mine ended up being more of a tunic than a dress so next time I make it I’ll add a few inches to the length so it at least covers my bum properly! I made the largest size as this was the first project I’d made from the book and I wasn’t to sure about sizing, its much easier later to make something smaller than bigger! The patterns in this book are for sizes 6-16, I though it was american sizing but having checked the measurements given inside the cover against British shop New Look’s size guide they come up the same as UK sizing. My finished dress did come up slightly to big and next time I’ll probably make it a size smaller, as all the styles are meant to be lose fitting I’d guess they all come up a little large.

IMAG1059 (2)


This is Dress S, I made a few modification’s to this dress by lowering the front neckline slightly and adding more material to the skirt to give a lose fit. I found that the bust section was to short and sat on the bust rather than under it, looking back at the original dress I think perhaps it was meant to be like this?! I don’t know, but having tried to wear this dress on a day out I found  it to frumpy and it just looked odd (this dress also came up to big). I was going to refashion it into something else, but it’s actually quite well made and would probably suit someone slightly larger than me, so I’ve put it on eBay and hopefully someone else will enjoy it.


Overall I love this book, it’s filled with usable patterns which to buy individually would cost a fortune, while this book is only around £12. The patterns do come up large and I’d recommend making a toile for some of them. It’s not really for beginners as the instructions are pretty basic and assume a certain level of dressmaking knowledge, however it’s perfect for a intermediate or experienced sewer.

You can buy this book on amazon here.


5 thoughts on “Yoshiko Tsukiori – Stylish Dress Book Review

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  2. I think I’m in over my head with these patterns, as I am a beginner. I was just so excited by the pictures in the book. What type of paper did you use to trace the patterns?

    • Hi! I just used printer paper Sellotaped together because I had a ton of it lying about! But you could use dressmaking paper or I’ve heard that freezer paper is good. Have you got a general sewing handbook to help?

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