Crafty Sunday – Week Eleven


Last week I bought Sew magazine for the first time, mostly for the free Simplicity  project catwalk pattern (K2444) which is for the most beautiful bias cut dresses. I have already almost finished making one, all that’s left to do is the neck facing, armhole facings and the zipper. I’ve only altered the neckline so far, but I’ll definitely lift the hem a bit as its way to long, although to be fair I think I just added to much seam allowance. I love this fabric, however it frayed like there was no tomorrow! So the inside doesn’t quite have the finish I’d like as I just wanted to bind the edges as quickly as possible before I lost too many inches!



I’m still knitting away at my boleros, I wasn’t going to share them again until they’re finished, but I’ve spent most of the week working on the pink one. It’s almost done all that’s left to do is set the sleeves and knit the trim around the edge. I really want to get them finished by the end of the next week. The pattern is from Knit Vintage by Madeline Weston and Rita Taylor, it was featured in Making magazine, I really want the book now, but some of the reviews on amazon have mentioned that it contains quite a few mistakes which is putting me off.


On Tuesday it was my daughter’s fourth birthday, so I spent Monday night knitting her a case for her new Leapster explorer toy. It was just a very basic knitted square sewn together, but it does the job!



Yesterday I bought just over three meters of this funky floral print heavy cotton fabric for £3 at my local salvation army shop, such a bargain and it’ll make great bags and a summary swing coat for one of the girls. I also got a plain zip for 30p, I bought it to save me having to travel to my local haberdashery stall in tooting market, but tops up I’ll have to head there next week anyway as it’s too short.



I hit the jackpot on eBay this week scoring 58 children’s patterns for £4!! There was no postage to pay as it was a local pick up, if it hadn’t been snowing I could have walked and saved on bus fair to. Below are some of my favorites I can’t wait to try out, but there are so many I’ll probably do a whole post on them during the week.



Love the not for Chubby Girls statement!


12 thoughts on “Crafty Sunday – Week Eleven

    • Lol, I love that they felt they need to write it on the pattern! Makes me picture a poor mother writing them a letter of complaint when the outfit she’s painstakingly made doesn’t fit!

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