Royal Society of British Artists Annual Exhibition – Mall Galleries


The Royal Society of British Artist’s annual exhibition is a collection for work sourced from there own artists and open submission. It is  made up of prints, paintings, sculptures and drawings, the majority of which are for sale. This means that most of the work is tame and commercial,  in other words it’s pictures/objects you’d like to have in your home, but they’re not asking you to think or question anything. Personally I think art can be about both making something which has a message and just making something purely because you think it’s beautiful, so I enjoyed this exhibition.

When I got home I realised that almost all of the pictures I wrote down were of landscapes! I must have them on the brain because we need a nice one to hang above our bed. They were stunning though and some of these pictures just don’t do them justice. I love Sue Campion’s pastles, she is like a cheerier version of mid twenty century painter Paul Nash. While I wish I had a spare £950 to buy Pryke’s ‘Clear water with Pine Shadows’, it really is beautiful.

combination 2


(click image to enlarge)

The show is on until the end of the week (23rd march) and like most of the exhibitions at the Mall galleries it only costs £3, there is also a little cafe right in the middle of the gallery space so you can sip a hot coffee while admiring some lovely art.


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