Crafty Sunday – Week Ten

This week has been about trying to finish off projects already on the go, I’ve been knitting away at my boleros and doing the finishing touches to Dress S from The Stylish Dress Book and the Betty Draper style dress I made last week. Which means I don’t really have any new or exciting projects to share this week. I have however come up with a great name for a Etsy shop and a concept for the types of things I want to sell. I’ve set myself a deadline of mid April for it to go live so I have enough time to make some stock.

On Friday I went to the spring knitting and stitching show at Olympia and picked up loads of cute bits, it was full of stalls stocking all sorts of things and I could have spent a fortune. I took Rosie with me and we had a nice time, but for the next one in the autumn I’ll definitely leave her at home, it was a bit of struggle to look round and entertain a toddler! Also I found it all a bit overwhelming  there was almost to much choice, I think it would have been better if I’d taken a friend to bounce some idea’s off of. Anyway here’s the bit’s I bought and where possible I’ve mentioned the companies they’re from.


I bought 3 back issues of Knit Now for £5 from there publisher’s stand, they were super friendly!


The Little Knitting Company

IMAG0906Small Printed Panel (25 x 28cm) –  boutis


IMAG0909IMAG0911IMAG0921Pin it & stitch


Crafty Ribbons


Lili fabrics – wasn’t to happy as I bought 1.5 m, but when I got home there was only 1.35m 😦


James C. Brett – Double Knit Tweed – I wish I’d taken down the name of this shop as they were really lovely and everything was very reasonably priced.


Also this week I’ve been loving the London libraries elibary, which anyone with a library account in London can access and download up to five free eBooks/audio-books at a time. This week I finally managed to borrow a copy of Burdastyle’s sewing vintage modern after being on the waiting list for three weeks! If you’re not in London it’s still worth checking out your council’s website to see if they offer the same service, my brother lives in Kent and they also have a great variety of eBooks for free download.


I said last week I wasn’t going to buy any bit’s until the craft show, but I couldn’t resist this 70s St Micheal single duvet cover for £2 in my local salvation army shop, it’s in amazing condition and it’ll make lovely little girly summer dresses.


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