Wool House – Somerset House


Today I went to visit The Campaign For Wool‘s exhibition ‘Wool House‘ at Somerset House billed as the world biggest celebration of wool. The campaign for wool was created by farmers, artisans and the textile industry to promote the use of wool worldwide. This exhibition is a showcase of the top designers within in the world of wool ranging from catwalk favorite Christopher Raeburn (design’s pictured below) to modern crochetdermy artist Shauna Richardson (pictured above).


The first thing you notice is the plush wool carpets underfoot, if I won the lottery I’d fill my home with them its like walking on freshly fallen snow. The next thing you notice is how diverse the collection is, there is certainly a lot to look at, laid out within a number of small rooms each given over to a different exhibitor. It’s cleverly done with a good juxtaposition from room to room, for example the two rooms below lead straight off each other.IMAG0863-horz

The first is Josephine Ryan’s natural room, filled with lovely soft woods, woolen blankets (of course) and earthy tones. While Anne Kyyrö Quinn‘s modern room is bright and bold with a stunning 100% wool felt wall. This wall is her statement piece, she produces them around the world as a incredibly stylish and sustainable solution to sound proofing.

stock photo

The exhibition runs from the 13th – 24th of March with a number of talks and interactive workshops available. The best part is that its free, so really if you’re in town there is no reason not to pop along and check it out, even if it’s just to see Shauna Richardson’s stunning life sized crochet bear!


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