Crafty Sunday – Week Nine

I’m pleased to say that this week has been much more productive than last week! IMG_1322-horz

IMAG0913 I made this shirt-dress for my three (almost four) year old daughter Lily from a 1979 Style pattern (2584) and I’m so pleased with how it came out. I recently finished reading ‘A Vintage Affair’ by Isabel Wolff and it goes into great depth about how beautifully made true vintage clothes are. This inspired me to make the inside of this dress as lovely as the outside, so it’s all french seamed and hand finished details, I think in the future I’m going to make all my garments to this standard. The fabric is from Ikea, I bought it a couple of years ago so I can’t remember how much it cost, the fit for the pattern is perfect so perhaps vintage children’s patterns don’t run as small as adults? IMAG0857-tile This dress (bottom left) is an upcycle of a New Look dress I bought in the sale last summer, I was never happy with the top section for some reason the bust was cut really small, but I loved the print. I bought a plain peach vest from Primark for £2.50 and sewed them together, adding some elastic, making it a lovely simple dress for summer. img_0588-horzIMAG0878-horz IMAG0878 I’ve been watching a lot and I mean a lot of Mad Men recently, Betty Draper’s dresses are all stunning but true vintage one’s in my size are rare and quite expensive, so I decided to make one. I used the top half of  the Elizabeth Gathered Waist‘ dress pattern available from the Burdastyle website and a circle skirt tutorial also from Burdastyle. I reused the eyelet fabric from a dress I made a few months ago which I never wear and made the skirt section out of one of the charity shop table cloths I’ve recently bought. It’s almost finished, all I’ve got left to do is attach the skirt and the zipper. IMAG0902 It’s finally finished! It felt like I’d been looking at this half finished painting forever, so it’s nice to see it all done and ready to go up on the wall tomorrow. I’m not 100% happy with it, no doubt some time in the future it’ll become something completely different, but it’ll do for now. IMAG0932 I’m still knitting away at bolero number two, the back is finished and I’m half way up one side of the front. If you’ve been reading this feature for a while you’ll know I’m not the worlds fastest or most dedicated knitter, but I’m hoping to get this and it’s predecessor  finished by the end of March. $(KGrHqJHJCYE-df1Im3vBPo(VZ!ZM!~~60_57-horz I haven’t bought any crafty things this week as I’m trying to save all my extra cash for the spring knitting and stitching show which I’m heading to next Friday and hoping to find lots of lovely things. I did come across this dress which I featured in my Friday Favorites post and I’ve decided to make a copy of it using this polka dot fabric from my stash, so keep a look out for it in my next Crafty Sunday post. Also I’ve just made a Facebook page and if you haven’t already I’d really appreciate a Like ( new box in sidebar).


10 thoughts on “Crafty Sunday – Week Nine

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  2. All these lovely handicrafts are really putting me to shame and I blush to remember that it was your aunty Bea who gave you your first sewing machine. Please, please don’t let Lily get too fond of posing for photographs, as gorgeous as she looks we really don’t need a media kid in our midst, do we?

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