Knitting 80’s style – Book Reviews

IMAG0875 I bought these two 80’s Knitting books from a couple of charity shops for a about £1.50 each and just wanted to do a quick post to share the amazing patterns. The books are called ‘The Sweater Book’ by numerous designers and ‘Picture Knits’ by Marilyn Rowlings and Jane Taylor.  Some of the patterns are still wearable today and other’s should definitely stay in the 80’s! I haven’t knitted anything from these books yet, but the patterns look very simple to follow and both books have a good glossary on knitting techniques at the back. Anyway as the old adage goes ‘a picture speaks a thousand words’ so enjoy! IMAG0876IMAG0884 IMAG0892 IMAG0893 IMAG0895 IMAG0905IMAG0913 IMAG0917 IMAG0918 IMAG0924 IMAG0927 IMAG0933Love this snake jumper!!

IMAG0880 IMAG0943 IMAG0949 IMAG0951 IMAG0955 IMAG0957 IMAG0960 IMAG0961 IMAG0966Yes this book really does have two fat lady jumper designs!? ( worryingly I actually quite like them…)


7 thoughts on “Knitting 80’s style – Book Reviews

  1. I was side tracked by her white nails..claws
    My teenager would love some of those…I hated them growing up as my mum made these more Mohair for me like love is in the eye of the beholder..

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