Friday Favorites – Week Three

il_fullxfull_431928871_4cvfI Love Love Love this 1950s dress from Dear Golden , the soft blue is just stunning! It’s available from there Etsy store for £108, but does need some tlc.


I also love this vintage 50s satin dress available on eBay for £29.99, it’s only a size 10/12 otherwise I’d so buy it! The style’s pretty simple though so I think I could make a copy of it.

sewing box 2-tile

I was looking for some Sylko cotton on eBay and came across all these old wooden sewing boxes, are they lovely. So many of them are full of old cottons, bias binding and buttons. When I was a teenager a family friend gave me her mother’s old sewing box and it was filled with amazing things.


How cute are these vintage tins?! They’re all available on eBay and surprisingly cheap, all of them are under £1o. I think they’d look great dotted around the kitchen, I’m really tempted to buy one to store my ribbons in.

BBC’s Storyville has always shared some amazing documentaries from around the globe, recently I watched the three above and they were brilliant. From left to right, ‘Death on a Staircase’ ‘Queen Of Versailles’ and ‘The House I Live In’.


This week I got my ticket to ‘The Spring Knitting & Stitching Show at Olympia through amazon local deals for £6! I can’t wait to go and see all the crafty things, I’m trying really hard to save my money so I can buy some beautiful things.

Excellent WomenLastly this week I have been reading ‘Excellent Women’ by Barbara Pym, I’ve never read anything by Pym before and I’m loving it,  its wonderfully subtle in site into human nature.


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