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Recently I’v been nominated for two blogging awards The Liebster Award and The One Lovely Blog/Very Inspiring Blogger Award. I’m really grateful to Niamh from Tales From A Teapot and The Hilltop Homemaker for choosing me. Each award has it’s own set of rules, for the Liebster your meant to give 11 facts about yourself, answer 11 questions and ask 11 questions, while for the One Lovely Blog/Very Inspiring Blogger award you have to share 7 facts. Both awards ask that you nominate other blogs for the award, 11 for the Liebster and 10 for the One Lovely Blog/Very Inspiring Blogger award. That’s an awful lot to do especially twice so I’m just going to share 7 facts and nominate 10 WordPress blogs which I really enjoy.

Here are 7 facts about me :-

  • I’ve only just started watching/catching up on Mad Men (super late to the party!) but loving it.
  • I really want a cat! Can’t wait to move just so I can have a cat! proper cat broody!
  • I bake bread at least once a week (love fresh rolls!)
  • Dead shellfish freaks me out.
  • I have worn snugg boots (can’t afford uggs) everyday since autumn.
  • I always lose count when knitting and have to recheck where I am.
  • sometimes when I haven’t got a tissue I wipe my daughter’s snotty nose on my sleeve 😦

Here are 10 great WordPress blogs I want to nominate :-

Please take a look at them, they’re all really brilliant in different ways. If I’ve nominated you please choose one of the awards above and  follow the corresponding rules.


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